ZTW Spider 20A PRO Premium with silabs F390 chip.



Nice little ESCs with loaded BLHeli. This particular one’s have advantage compared to other esc. Running on Silabs F390 chip, going on 48Mhz makes them very fast and responsive. ZTW uses dedicated driver chips so that switching between mosfets (all N-FET) is even faster. This gives motors ability to spin up faster and brake fester to. Fast main chip also makes the available eRPM range bigger, so the motor can spin propellers faster at maximum, giving more thrust.

ZTW Spider Pro are also very small, measured only 27x 14 mm it can fit many small frames on the market.

Having F390 chip also makes it possible to use Multishot enabled BLHeli software. Multishot gives possibility to refresh motor speed by up to 32khz. (You need to flash it Yourself)

You can get it from banggood:
ZTW SPider 20A PRO Premium F390 Chip


– Fast main chip
– dedicated drivers
– All N-Fet Mosfets
– Low internal resistence
– Small size and weight
– No BEC (opto)

– No BEC (opto)

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  1. No BEC is really no con đŸ™‚

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