ZD Racing 10427 ZD-10 The Best Brushless RC Car under 200$

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RC car ZD Racing 10427 also knowed as ZD-10 is literally one of the best brushless car under 200$ , we can find many positive reviews about this one so do I got positive review. After two long runs I have to say that this is a BEAST, I couldn’t belive that 2s lipo car can be soo fast and has soo huge torque. Also this car is RTR so in the box we will find all useful stuff to run it. next things which I really like in this car is 3 channel radio ( we can use extra channel to turn on/off lights etc ), and 2s battery can be easily charged by USB charger ? .


In da box we can find: car , rc controller, battery , charger, manuals, extra servo top cap& some zips

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It looks great

ZD Racing 10427 maybe cheap but quality is good enought, everything fits tight and looks delicious !.

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Car is build well, it looks like can handle many big crashes and jumps. Plastic is really thick and reinforced. Top body looks also thought  but usually this part is cracking/breaking near by holes for bars. But to prevent cracking we can add extra pads as you can see on the last image and after some testing ( crashing ) this idea works very well.

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First of all , in forks we got oil ! so suspension works very smoothly on some big holes or small bumps. Also when we jump then car is really stable. Next thing is that we got many ways to set suspension, from super smooth to super hard which is ready for big jumps. Fork was made from plastic and aluminium. Fork bars are really big so they handle a lot.

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Servo & steering mechanism

Steering servo has standard size so it’s really good news because we can easily find replacement. Steerenig mechanism looks not bad, there is no metal parts so I have no idea how long it will work but so far after many crashes is still in one piece 🙂

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Motor & 4 WD main shaft

T3650 3300KV has trully great torqe and somehow makes this crash so dammit fast on 2s battery. I still can’t belive that 7.4v car can be so fast, it’s fast like my Traxxas X-MAXX on 4s baterry so WTF ?! ( I love it ) . After 20minutes of bashing motor was little bit warm so it’s ready for some better battery wich higher C rating which can give even more torque ! .

Main shaft is alu so will not break easily, also there is a clutch between front and back diff so we can adjust how fast it can start on full throttle  😀

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ESC & Battery

Some people saying that ESC is splash proof, but true story is that is not. Solder pads are not protected ,a little bit water there make big short circuit and if we consider that battery has huge amperage then be sure that if you will see flames then you will be not able to put out the fire out by pee on the car xD . Anyway built in 45A ESC works great from super slow rpm which is perfect for some crawling to sonic speed on full throttle 😉

Battery is not bad, mostly all these included battery are a garage but this one works great. Measured capacity is 2260mah so is not bad because car will work about 15-30 minutes.

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Imax is manufacturing good , so  I been suprised that this charge is included to this cheap car. We can charge 2s and 3s battery with 0.8A and end of charging will stop on 4,195V,thisis perfect score but nothing suprise because this charger is HQ.

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Radio controller

This is GOOD STUFF !, most important thing is that it has 3 working channels so we can use 3rd channel to turn on some lights or other nice things. Working distance is at least 100meters so more than enought.

On the side we can find 3 gimbals to trim steering and throttle and the 3rd one is for increasing/decreasing movement of steering. On the top is 3rd channel switch , on the back is on/off and at the bottom is battery room ( to power up we need 4 pieces ).

Steering gimbal feels great is really sensitive , the same thing I can say about throttle trigger.

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My opinion

Dammit !, for this price if you are looking for RC Car then this is like must have. Uber fast on simple 2s battery and very thought construction. ZD Racing 10427 can be use also as a crawling car or for FPV because there is plenty of space on the top.

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