Youbi XV Motors MOD EMAX RS1306 ” Beast is Back ” Tier 1

Do you like it ?+1
Do you like it ?+1

Youbi XV is like good sport car,  waiting for some upgrades 😎 . So for ” Tier 1 ” best idea is to upgrade motors, I am not saying that ” Awesome ” motors are bad , but these ones are really no opponents for Emax RS1306 4000KV which we will install on Youbi XV. RS1306 motors are a BEASTs, iwill provide much bigger thrust (power & efficient ) . Thanks to new motors power should be increased by 40% ( hell yeah ! ) .

Stock ” Awesome ” motors can be compared to KingKong 1306 motors, but for sure not to Emax RS.

To remove stock motors we need to unsolder old cables , easy peasy  😎 .

As you can see Emax Rs1306 is bit bigger and only 1g heavier, also power cable is three times bigger so power kick will be greater :).

Squar ESC board is really great because it works with BLheli_S so it’s ready for newest Dshot where many others ESC in RTF drones are not. Now you know why I think Youbi is worth to upgrade 🙂 .

RS1306 fits perfect to a frame , no problems at all 🙂 . I only had too short cables because I unmounted these motors from my other drone GB130 but this is not a big deal.

I extend motor power cables and secured it by heat shrink tube. Lets be hones, it loos so BAD ASS , isn’t it ?  😛

With top shell.

I didn’t test it yet but I am using Emax RS motors in my other drone & I know how powerful are these small beasts. With new motors we achieved:

  • Much more power
  • More crash proof due to big motor shaft
  • Better efficience and longer flight time
  • It looks so Bad Ass

What do you think about this upgrade ?

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1000000 x Cheers for all your support Guys ! ( really :* ! )

This video been supported by, without Gearbest this Mod could be never exist so special Thanks ! :* . BUT I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( FPVtv is incorruptible ).

  1. Niceee mod dude, but i would say…put those dollars where the little awesome monster really needs it. Tear the freakin’ cameramount and toss the wack little cmos boardcamera which simply provides you w nothing more than some of the worst ever cartoonish camera fpv quality. Even my grandma had better footage watching a 1920’ish non colour tape. Many good alternatives on the market nowadays. But thanks for the update man! Keep ’em low.

    • FPV camera is not that bad 🙂 , ofcouse could be better but this is weight is about 2g so less weight = more power 🙂 . But I can give I try and mount Runcam owl 🙂 ( just for testing purpose 😛 )

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