YI Erida the fastest drone with 4K camera on the board

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YI Erida is  modern tricopter that is advertised as strong competition for 4K drones like DJI Phantom series, Yuneec drones, Power Vision etc. Why?

YI Erida is the fastest drone , capable to fly with incredible speed -120 km/h and flight time up to 40 minutes, even in extreme conditions( for example:DJI Mavic 27 min). It’s sounds really promising and in this case YI Erida would be a winner, if that’s gonna be true.

YI Erida weights 1500g with battery and DJI Mavic only 734 g, so it’s twice time heavier. This time point for DJI Mavic. Max Transmission Distance of YI Erida is 3,5km (no information if it’s for FCC Compliant USA or CE Compliant EU, so maybe for both), DJI Mavic max transmission distance is 7 km FCC Compliant and 4km for CE Compliant.

YI Erida frame is made full of carbon -light and extremly crash proof component. Moreover YI drone is foldable, which makes this drone very handy and easy to transport. It’s also design to be easy to fix- replace damaged parts is very easy and fast even for beginners.

YI Erida is a great drone for cinematography fans and movie makers. YI Erida drone comes with 4K action camera on the gimbal. This 4K action camera is also an invention of YI company and the quality of recording video is really good- the view is sharp.

YI Erida drone is controlled by special APP, which you can download on your smartphoneor tablet. This APP allows you to set fly the flight mode ;orbit, follow, mission (and more) and and choose the height and shooting angle.
It’s easy to fly  and control.

YI Erida seems to be very promissing drone with 4K. We can’t wait to buy this drone. There’s no information when it will be launched…

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