Xiaomi YI 4K+ 4K 60FPS Action Camera

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Whole world is waiting with bated breath for new YI 4K+ 60FPS action camera from Xiaomi. Electronics experts have already called YI 4K+ 60FPS the biggest competitor for GoPro Hero 4. Are they right?

YI 4K+camera is upraded version of previous model-YI 4K and it is capable to shoot with frame rate of 60 fps. It’s not fair to say that is the first action camera with 60FPS, but it’s a one of few .

YI 4K+ has  built-in Electronic Image Stabilization -EIS for 4K/30, based on 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer. It’s really nice feature for action camera- the view is stable and we can offset the jelly effect.

On the board of YI 4K+ we can find USB 3.0 port type C with fast data transfer- 40 mbps. We can also save an image as RAW format.

This action camera from Xiaomi can be controlled by voice command , so the user can fully focus on his actions, because he has free hands…and calm mind 🙂

You can connect your YI 4K+ with social media platforms as Youtube and share the view of camera. With this action camera you can start live streaming! WiFi & Bluetooth on the board, so connection is easy 🙂

YI 4K+ is really nice design camera, but typical looking. The shape isn’t nothing new , but it’s simply elegant. Without a doubt a big advantage of YI 4K+ is 2.19 inch high responsive touch screen.

Inside of YI 4K+ camera we can find quite impressive (as for small action camera) sub-assemblies as Ambarella H2 chipset and Quad-core ARM®Cortex®-A53 64-bit CPU, better than these used on some cheaper smartphones…The better models of smartphones have six -core or more… But this sub-assemblies seem to be fine, time will show the truth 🙂

With this action camera we can record Time Lapse or Slow Motion video or even record a video and Time Lapse at the same time. You can fell like a pro photographer with 9 shooting modes. No matter of conditions you are able to take great photo.

YI 4K+ supports 64gb SD cards and has powerful 1400mAh battery.

Xiaomi!!! We have two basic questions :”When 4K+ will be available?” and “How much it will cost?”


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