Xiaomi YI 2 4K Better Video Quality Mod Upgrade 90mbps 150mbps Easy way

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Easy way to increase video quality in Xiaomi YI 2 4K by adding one file on SDcard, this file will increase video bitrate so it will looks better .  I already test 90mbs mod and works delicious, variable bitrate is between 18-150mbps ( video looks bit better, especially when is lots of action or fast movement ).

Mod file to SDcard

As you can see on the screen , just upload file on SDcard in root directory and it’s done. You camera will be not damaged or so on becasue it doesnt change any firmware. If you delete this file then camera will record video at stock bitrate.

Here is a file autoexec.ash

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Easily change biterate to even 120mpbs

File autoexec.ash can be edited by simple notepad or the best way to edit is free software ( called  ” Notepad ++ ” ).  Inside file looks like this:

#Yi 4k bitrate mod by irungentoo
#For en_US firmware 1.40
#90mbs high quality, 60mbs medium
#4k 30p
writew 0xA061AFFE 0x42AC
writew 0xA061B00E 0x4270
#4k ultra 24p
writew 0xA061B02E 0x42AC
writew 0xA061B03E 0x4270

As you cann se under  #4k 30pu can see two two lines with writew, first one is for high quality and second one for medium quality. These two lines will help to change bitrate from xiaomi menu, also if we change last line, we change bitrate from 18mbps to even 150mbps.

Here are codes with bitrates :

0x4190 18mbs
0x41F0 30mbs
0x4210 36mbs
0x4220 40mbs
0x4234 45mbs
0x4270 60mbs
0x4284 70mbs
0x4298 80mbs
0x42AC 90mbs
0x42C0 100mbs
0x42D4 110mbs
0x42E8 120mbs
0x42FC 130mbs
0x4310 150mbs

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SDcard & The best bitrate

I am using MIXZA TOHAOLL 128GB which is simply great, bitrate for this SDcard can reach even 200mbps so it easly works with 120mbps at 4k on xiaomi yi. Here is my short review:

So any other SDcard with TRUE Class10 can do a job.

The best bitrate for me is 90mbps, because increasing bitrate above 100mbps for x264 is usless ( no visible quality & file start to be really big). For 90mbps 1 minute of video got size around 1GB so 1H = 60GB whcih is big enought.

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Irungentoo is a star !

Thanks to his great work we got this mod, for more info please go here for more info https://github.com/irungentoo/Xiaomi_Yi_4k_Camera/blob/master/bitrate_table.txt

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