Xiaomi Power Bank 10000mah Capacity

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Since couple weeks I have been using Xiaomi power bank 1000mah and love it. Xiaomi is very handy; not too big and not too heavy. An aluminium case makes it resistant to damage and also helps cool it down. It has one power in Micro USB 5V/2A  and one power out USB 5v/2A . After pressing the “power” button, 4 diodes will start to blink and show how much energy has left.

Charging a Xiaomi is quite slow. For first 1000mah is 2A , after 1000mah to 6000mah is 1A and after 6000mah is 0,7A ,so to fully charge this power bank we will  wait about 7H :/

A real capacity of this power bank is 8402mah ( checked after 12 recharges ) I bought this bank for 8$, so I think is great realtion price to quality.

Xiaomi power bank no01

Xiaomi power bank capacity

My conslusion is: “If you are looking for some power bank, Xiaomi could be the best choice in this price range -under 20$. 2A charg out port and slow self discharging make this product premium quality.”

If ask me, will you buy it again. I can even say for sure .

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