Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Camera Quadcopter

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Xiaomi has released the Xiaomi mi drone 4k version in March,  Xiaomi Mi drone 4K is an Easy to fly, high resolution videos, safe and convenient 4K camera WIFI FPV quadcopter. Mi Drone Explore a new perspective at your fingertips. I have bought and received my Xiaomi Mi drone 4K, it ship locally from U.S warehouse so I haven’t wait longer. When I got my Xiaomi drone, I’m very excited and can’t wait to open it.

Look, this is Xiaomi mi drone, it looks very beautiful, it is said its camera is the most expensive and important, I should be carefully with it, the 4K camera.


Xiaomi mi drone 4K

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

4K Camera:

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

Remote Control:

Xiaomi mi drone 4K remote control

Xiaomi mi drone 4K remote control

And after open can check it, I went to flight it. And I used my phone to take these photos;

 I used my phone to take these photos, my Xiaomi drone flying in the sky

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

This flight feel very well, Xiaomi drone is easy to flight, it is very suitable for beginners(I’m a beginner), and its price is not expensive, just need $430, Comparing to other brand of drones, the price of xiaomi 4k drone is very affordable. Following is the comparison chart:

Xiaomi mi drone 4K

As you can see, 4K drones in other brands are selling for at least $589, which makes Xiaomi a very reasonable price drone among the competitors.

And Xiaomi drone has many magic features:

  1. Choose a point and set desired hover height and radius. Mi Drone will automatically circle around an object, capturing beautiful shots of the object.
  2. Set a route so images and footage captured will be uninterrupted and beautiful.
  3. Set a location on the map within the app, and Mi Drone automatically flies towards the pinned location.
  4. Mi Drone calculates power required to return home and automatically returns when battery is low.
  5. Once Mi Drone disconnects from the remote, it returns home automatically. Should an accident occur during the return trip, the Mi Drone can be easily located using its GPS real-time tracking System.
  6. Automatically stops and hovers when approaching no-fly zone
  7. When Mi Drone approaches a no-fly zone, it automatically stops, hovers, and sends out a smart alert to prevent any accidents from occuring.

Xiaomi drone 4K Specs

Flight time: 27min

Height limit: 120m

Diagonal axis distance: 434mm

Control distance: 2000m

Output: 16 V- – – 2.9 A

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.5A

Output power: 46.4 W

Charging voltage limit: 17.4V

Voltage: 15.2V

Capacity: 5100 mAh / 77.52 Wh

Weight: Approximately 450g

Some tips about Xiaomi mi drone 4K:

(1) You need to fly it in an open area and with a good gps signal.

(2) When you start flying your drone, make sure that the back of your drone is face to you, not the forward. In this way, you are easy to figure out the direction of it.

(3) When the drone is too far away or in a place that lost connection with your remote, the drone may switch to self control mode, which is very dangerous as it may drift everywhere till crashed. Therefore huge empty space is always recommended for your drone flying.

(4) When you at a zone with less GPS signals, you need to let antenna of remote control to face the drone.

(5) In case of emergency, press power and take off key at the same time, the drone will stop immediately and fall down in crashed.


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