Xiaomi drone 4K vs 1080p Neweset images and Info

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

We can find some differences between Xiaomi drone 4K and Xiaomi drone 1080p, not only camera is changed but also battery and other hardware to make Xiaomi Drone 4k true competitors for DJI Phantom. End price should be around 550$  but ofcourse first bach could be bit more expensive . Long range up to 5km with anti jamming system  and 26min is not bad score for today. Lets check what is new and some images.

Modular construction , better than DJI Phantom 3 or 4

Like in 1080p we can easily transfrom drone from big size to flat one, thanks to removable gimbal and foldable landig skid is easy to transport. On drone shell we can’t find new things, just extra gold color.

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Camera & Gimbal 4k version

Newest 4K camera has Sony video sensor and can capture video with 4k 30fps / 2.7k 30fps / 1080p 60fps. Video format is simple h264 but we can also tunr on raw files to maximized quality.

Super fast 3 axis gimbal can be easily detached thanks to integrated PTZ so there will be no problem to replace it or to transport a drone in a case. Newest gimbal is bit more sensitive , it check position 2000 times per second to make camera stable as much as possible.

son TDM technology

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Long range FPV HD 720 streaming & anti jamming system

New 4K version is using TDM transmission technology, now signal distance is up to 5km with smaller lag and bulit in anti jamming system will care about continiuos of connection with a drone.

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Battery per 4.35V cell

FLight time should be around 26 minutes with newest type of battery which has bit higher voltages than stock ones. A bit higher voltage for battery can be bad move, because on the market we can find  batteries which are called LIPO HV and these batteries are standard LIPO but with higher end voltage. Problem with these is that they life time is super short about 10-50 cycles and are even more dangerous then standard lipo , but at the same time cam provide much more energy. Maybe newest batteries for xiaomi drone 4k are maked with different technology but we wil see.

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RC controller Props and accesories

RC controller is really small,  the size is more close to this one knowed for DJI Mavic then to DJI Phantom. It looks like delicious.

Props got extra alloy cap and are super high quality.

Battery charger, props protectors, cables, screwdriver & USB SDcard reader.

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