X210 build

Deal Score+3
Deal Score+3

Beta flight with flysky and Devo.

Beta flight with flysky and Devo.

BL heli S mod overview of the build quad Starwars death star

I’ve been actively building brushed quads for a year now and brushless Silverxxx, Domsen quads for 0.5 year. My next thing would have to be a quad capable of carrying a camera.

Problems that needed solving:
Transmitter and receiver combo?
Frame ESC and Flight controller?

Goebish worked this summer on the AFHDS2A protocol that is used with turnigy and flysky transmitters.
It uses the A7105 module for my Devo7E. There is allot of receivers made by flysky and turnigy that are bulky. I went for the TGY-iA6C its tiny when decased

Explaining the transmitter and receiver combo cheapness

A cheap but well put together kit is the Realacc X210 with 2300KV motors. for 100 euro from banggood you get props, motors, esc’s and a nice frame that can carry a gopro.

Building the quad

Everything is build now its time for my first flight!

I had problems with range. My range was only 50M

After I rewired my A7105 module and build an awesome handcrafted 2.4ghz dipole antenna from some Coax.
I seem to have zero range issues for at least a couple 100 feet!
I used the old wiring for my A7105 chip, and I can recommend everyone to change this to the new wiring as I believe this enables the power amplifier that is build into most DIY A7105 chips.
I have two youtube video’s on my youtube video that show, that with the old wiring I had 50M range at most, and with my new wiring Im not noticing any issues as you can tell from the footage.
I’ve also installed a 1000uF 6V capacitor on the + and – of the chip I believe this might help a tiny bit.
I’ve build a simple dipole antenna RP-SMA following Wild mania’s instructions that he got from old radio frequency school books from I believe russia. anyway the business end is just 29MM and it seems to work very great. He takes in account a certain shortening factor and this increases range for thicker wire antenna’s search for him on youtube!

Antenna build vid:


here is my quick demo flight showing that the protocol is super great and that I can now fly High performance quads with 10 euro receivers with my DEVO 7E!!!! YEAAAH

Parts: 2300kv 2205 motors + 4mm realacc x210, 30A blheli s ESC €104

Et526 variable video tx 25-200-600mw €25

Runcam Swift: €32

Aomway antenna € 14

Devo 7e + a7105 €65

Homemade 2.4 GHz antenna €2

Ia6c turning diversity receiver for AFHDS 2A protocol ( has nice frequency hopping and anti interference) for just €10

Vr008 FPV goggles €50

Beta flight setup:

Board rotation 270′

Sbus 8 channels

ESC and gyro updates 4k, 4k

Acro + horizon flight modes.

Arm switch + levelmode for takeoff and landing switch.

Devo configuration: 3m timer countdown for low battery protection.

340G total weight. Without battery 400 with firefly 7s (great camera) has eis and gyro

You can use my links! if you want

Frame, motors esc’s, props, flight controller:
FPV camera
FPV antenna
FPV transmitter
Transmitter Devo 7E


10% off BL heli S RAcerstar ESC’s AT BANGGOOD

  1. They are the Racerstar 2300kv 2205 Motors! They produce about 900 grams with these props.
    Check the Racerstar RS plus version! https://goo.gl/lyXWjf !!! Racerstar is really making some awesome motors!

  2. What motors do you have ?

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