Where Are Walkera Vitus, Voyager 4 and Furious 215 ?

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At the beginning of 2017 Walkera announced its new products on the drone market; foldable Vitus, cinematographic drone with 18x zoom 4K camera- Voyager 4 and racing drone Furious 215. It’s almost a half of the March and we ask; “Where are these drones?”

These drones are presented on the official website of Walkera, but in the official store these products are not available (Vitus) or available for pre-order. We could see prototypes of Vitus, Voyager 4 and Furious 215 at CES 2017 and since then Walkera has remained silent, till today 🙂

Walkera is one of the better known companies on the drone market. At the beginning, the future of the Walkera seemed to be bright, but Walkera made a couple mistakes and its users have left no shadow of doubts -their drones are poor quality and prices are an exorbitant… But the biggest objection is that have ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Walkera has never had any real customer service and their products have a high failure rate, so it’s obvious that they can hardly sell anything and stay in business, when others drone manufacturers are not sleeping. The customer service of DJI, Yuneec or Autel supports well their users. The other big , weak point of Walkera is their software. Walkera has never been known for their robust software… The latest actual drone of Walkera is Aibao, wchih was advertised as mixed reality drone. In users opinions it’s good drone. Is it enough to smash the competition on the drone market? I don’t think so…

The true is that all drone users are waiting for cheaper alternative of Mavic- Vitus. It’s hard to not say that these two drones are similar; foldable arms, 4K camera and sensors on the board, etc… Vitus looks like a copy of MAvic with GoPro Karma elements. Vitus is heavier then Mavic and some other parameters like control distance, fpv distance, time of flight and quality of the construction are worse than in Mavic, but the price it’s lower too. Mavic costs 999$ and Vitus will cost 600$. To be honest if Walkera will keep the promises, Vitus might be a really good drone. When is the release day of the Walkera Vitus? Officialy, Vitus will be available on March 2017 in the USA,Canada Europe and Asia. More info here

On the left side we can see Walkera Vitus and on the right side DJI Mavic Pro

Voyager 4 is the next model of Voyager Walkera series and of course the most advanced. As decent cinematographic drone in these times Voyager 4 is equipped with 4K and 18x optical zoom camera. And this time we might say that Voyager 4 was created in response to DJI Inspire 2 drone, but to be honest Voyager 4 was announced first and then DJI was focused on promotion of Mavic and Phantom 4 . DJI Inspire 2 was introduced to drone the market quickly and unexpectedly. DJI surprised and and beat competition. In this business, the longer you wait, the more you have to lose…It seems that Walkera know that has no chance with DJI or other companies like Yuneec and cannot afford no more mistakes…

Walkera Voyager was tested by diydrone and this review will be probably more honest, but we can’t see any sample of the fpv view  from that super 4K camera with 18x optical zoom in the motion…

The true is that, the latest version of Voyager series- Voyager 3 has a lot of problems with camera and gimbal,a sofware issue and drone fell from the sky… To sum up, Voyager3 was an expensive drone, but failure drone with no support of Walkera customer service… The question is “Will Walkera learn from their mistakes from the past?”
Walkera hasn’t announced date or price of flagship the Voyager 4 for a long time, but now we know that price will be $3,299.00 and shipment is planned on December. Check here

Walkera racing drones including Rodeo, Runner or Furious series are very popular and well known products of the chinese company. Racing quadcopters from Walkera are their more successful products then their others drones. And even if some models of Walkera racers are average, not cheap and not crash proof enough to handle proffesional racing, we can find couple great rockets like RUNNER 250PRO or racers of Furious series 🙂

Walkera Furious 215

And if we speak about Furious series… Let’s talk about new Walkera Furious 215… This will appear soon on the drone market and it’s obvious choice of Walkera, because like was said before racing drones are the most interesting products of Walkera and it will be popular among racing pilots. Furious 215 was seen at CES 2017, but there’s no other review video or sample of its flight.

Furious 215 has potential to be a great racing drone; specification are on the picture below :

Furious 215  is avilable for customer here and costs $349.00 and planned shipment on March, 2017.

The example of Lily drones shows, that competition on drone market is big and if the comapny announces their product and waste the time and does nothing, it might be the END. If Walkera will mess with their customers, they probably get mad sooner or later. Walkera should change the strategy and sort out problems with quality of their products, marketing and customer service and fix software issues. Drone users might not forgive more mistakes.

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