What are the best FPV goggles Top 5 2016/6

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FPV market is growing super fast and we have a lot of opportunities to spend our hard earned cash, but what FPV goggles are the best?

5. Eachine VR-007

Super cheap and ready to go FPV goggles. The quality of this goggles is good enough for beginners who want to check if FPV is what they are looking for. Big con is screen resolution- only 480×272, but most of users love these goggles.

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4. Eachine EV800

These ones are better than VR-007 , good resolution-800×480, big screen 5″ and monitor can be detached ,so we can use it as a stand alone FPV monitor and it is a great feature. Price is only 80$ so it’s worth every penny.

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3. SKyzone SJ-V01

When you wear these googles you feel like you are in IMAX cinema.The screen is really huge; there is no way to see what is going on the whole screen, we have to move our eyeballs from one corner to another 😉 . These goggles are great for some slow flying, cause you have got the feeling that you are there, but better don’t use it for FPV racing- due whole screen is not visible. SJ-V01 has diversity and high res HD monitor. Con for this one is not installed DVR, for 220$ I would like to have the DVR.

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2. Eachine Goggles One

The first FPV goggles with true 1080p monitor. Image on this goggles is colorfull and crispy. When we connect these goggles to PC through hdmi than we have a great cinema goggles, cause installed monitor is IPS (so quality of video is maximized). It’s my no. 2 cause screen is FULL HD and the price is 140$. Unfortunately there is no diveristy and no DVR what is a shame :/ /

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1. Walkera 4 google advanced

Walkera Goggle 4 advanced

These goggles have everything what most professional users need to have: FULLHD screen, diversity, DVR and even head tracking. So far the price is not revealed, but could be about 300$ or more . In my case I have to buy this one 🙂

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