Waterproof Racing Drone Micro FPV JJRC H31 Better than Eachine QX70 FB90

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

JJRC H31Β is a super cheap drone under 30$ with RCΒ radio. But its main feature is not the fact that is RTF or cheap:) It’s worth to mention that this one is waterproof  😎 I’ve decided to upgrade Β JJRC H31, because latest 1-2s micro coreless drones (QX70 FB90) disappoint me ! Even with SP F3 and Betaflight on the board, these two drones fly super slow like old fat cow… But JJRC H31 is a different story… This waterproof drone is super jumpy. JJRC H31 has not bad coreless 8520 motors. It’s quite cheap so I decided to give a try and build a cheap Waterproof Micro Racing Drone.

Why H31 is better than Eachine QX70 or FB90

  • Is much faster with the same motors
  • Crash proof – honestly it will be hard to damage frame (frame protector in my FB90 broke at first crash … )
  • Props can’t break if we crash
  • For 30$ we got RTF drone !
  • Drone 30$ + FPV Cam 20$ + Great LIPO 4 x 750mah 1s 4$ = 66$ ( Price is still lower than Eachine drones )

To build MicroWaterproof Racing Drone we need:


Gearbest FPV AIO Camera

Banggood FPV AIO Cameras

Batteries ( always check polarity before 1st use )

Hot glue

Power adapter

Double tape



Paste double tape at the bottom, then paste battery on it and secure it by rubber

Now use your adapter to power up camera and drone from one battery.

To mount a camera you can use hot glue or strong duble tape (I’ve noticed that when is super cold outside, camera secured by hot glue will pop out when we crash).

Don’t behave like doctor Frankenstein “It’s Alive πŸ™‚ It’s Alive Β :)”

As you can see JJRC is bigger then Eachine drones, but is much more crash proof and cheaper πŸ™‚ Β Also H31 will come with extra props and prop protector.


What do I think πŸ™‚

After first test flight I am super impressed. Β H31 is honestly much faster than newest Eachine micro drones. As you can see on the video, I’ve lost a connection and it dropped like a brick from 5 meters. FPV camera pops out, because was super cold about -18C , so hot glue wasn’t hot glue any more πŸ˜‰ Double tape should works much better. I’ve noticed that H31 is really efficient, so with 750mah we should give more than 7min flight time.

Now I need to wait till will be around 0 C degree, because -18C is way to low for electronic stuff, BUT for sure this is my FAV micro drone now πŸ™‚

1000000 x Cheers for all your support Guys ! ( really :* ! )
This video been supported by Gearbest.com, without Gearbest this ModΒ could be never exist so special Thanks ! :* . BUT I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( Pirat is incorruptible ).

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