Waterproof Puma Drone Navigates US Army in an Antarctic

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McMurdo Station, the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic research center uses AeroVironment’s Puma drones in an Antarctic icebreaking mission at the Ross Sea.

Operation Deep Freeze is the US military a resupply mission with assist of navigating drone Puma .

The Polar Star icebreaker plows channels for ships with supplies like food or fuel for McMurdo Station. AeroVironment’s Puma drone flies out ahead of the ship and scout the safest path. An aerial perspective of the drone reduce the human risk of the annual endeavor. The Puma drone  makes the path easier and safer.

Puma drone is  weighing 6.12 kg  and it’s able to fly for 210 minutes with a range of 15 km. Puma drone is also waterproof so it can  land on the water . Using Puma Drone the crew of the Polar Star is able to navigate the perilous waters: Puma drone transfer live color and infrared video .

In the future AeroVironment wants to create  a caputing in a net  return recovery system for Puma. It will allow the drone to come back save to the “mother ship” .

AeroVironment’s Puma drone makes the operation safer and there is no need to  put pilots and costly helicopters at risk.

Puma AE unmanned aircraft as the first was given permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for UAS routine commercial services over land in the United States. Puma AE unmanned aircraft was used in operations over land including monitoring oil spill , surveying roads and pipelines and wildlife surveillance.


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