Waterproof Drone “Mariner”

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Drone “Mariner” is totally waterproof. It means that landing on the water or under the water can’t destroy that Submarine drone. Whatever you want to throw it in!Whether; fresh water, salt water, lake, ocean, pool… You will see that this drone can “fly” underwater.

It seems there is no limit to the fun you can have with the “MARINER” Waterproof Drone, and now the fun got extended to underwater like a submarine! Just think of the possibilities.. ‘fly’ down for a look at your boat, inspect the keel, rudder, or prop, have a look at that reef nearby.. the possibilities are endless!

“MARINER” Drone footage of ‘Sophisticated Lady’ at the Famous Pitons of St Lucia, CARIBBEAN!


This video shows the features and capabilities of the new Mariner waterproof quadcopter with a series of in-water tests. TWO Go-Pro 3 cameras are mounted on the Mariner, one topside and the underwater to show its full capabilities during water testing.

Mariner Quadcopter Takeoff and landing from River.Best Quadcopter for water sports aerial filming over water. Feel free to land in water and float like a boat then take off.


Mariner is the All weather, Waterproof quadcopter from FPV Factory. This quadcopter comes either ARF or RTF available at fpv style. I got mine ARF and setting it up was just a breeze. ARF comes with Quality 650kv Pancake motors, specially treated and waterproof, a waterproof quadcopter shell, and inside Power distribution board, ESC and Low voltage warning LED System already installed.

Now all you need to do is install your Flight controller, configure, program, put your GoPro on it and start flying.

This is unboxing and a closer look video at Mariner Waterproof quadcopter.


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