Walkera VITUS FPV Drone With 3-Axis gimabal 4K Camera Obstacle Avoidance System

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Walkera announced Vitus couple months ago on CES 2107, but now Vitus is available for buyers. Walkera Vitus drone is compact and foldable drone – similar like Karma drone and famous DJI Mavic. Vitus  has 4K 3o fps camera on the board and 3 axis gimbal, so with sure it is a next cinematography drone. Walkera Vitus has also optical sensors on the board and The Obstacle Collision Avoidance System (on reach version) and many useful flying modes as smart follow or hand-gesture selfie.

Vitus is small and foldable drone measures ; 223mm x 114mm x 93mm and light- 870g with battery, so it’s easy to travel with Vitus. The resolution of camera is very promising- 4K became a standard for this types of drones. Thanks to 3 axis gimbal videos should be stable and sharp- no jello effect.
Walkera promises also 1080P FPV view- big plus for that and WiFi connection. Special selfie mode allow us to take a photo using simple hand-gesture, because Vitus is programmed to recognize it. This feature makes Vitus also a competition for expensive selfie drones like Breeze.

Like in case of previous drone of Walkera- Aibao, Vitus is mixed reality drone and with special APP is able to provide battle games or racing. I’m not sure it’s a good idea, but this extra features might bring a joy Playstation or Xbox fans.

Let’s talk more aabout th price… Not official rumor was that Vitus will be budget, cheap version of 4K drones and the price will be 600$. This news was never confirmed by Walkera, but in reality we have to spend for Vitus about 600 $ for version without optical sensors and obstacles avoidance system and 800$ for full version. It’s less than DJI Mavic – 999$ for NOT PRO standard version with sensors and obstacles avoidance system, 4K camera etc… So question is; “Does the price might kill the fame of Mavic ?”

Vitus can fly for 28 minutes, so it’s pretty nice score 🙂

Specifications of Walkera Vitus:

10 Total Score
Walkera VITUS FPV Drone

Quality of camera
  • 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal
  • 1080p FPv view
  • WiFi
  • Obstacles Avoidance System
  • Great flying modes
  • Great price
  • 25 minutes of time flight
  • What's the control and FPV range?
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