Walkera Vitus – Behind the Scenes

Walkera Vitus tests log. A rare peek on “a day in the life at a drone factory” and footage from recent tests. First a tablet view of the AR games on a 3-axis gimbal. Next a test on the optical sensors and active track.

Walkera Vitus 320, third release of the augmented reality flying game console. Designed as a convenient compact folding aerial filming 4K drone, with auto return home using dual GPS and an added gaming function. Vitus pairs with mobile devices for virtual games. Just find an open field, start the quadcopter, this will be your track or battlefield! In racing mode, set up a virtual track and begin racing. In battle mode, fighter pilot is engaged, locate your enemies, shooting down enemy drones.

“A day in the life at a drone factory”, a rare look inside a drone factory that I thought would be interesting to share, archives from 2014-16. I like how everyone is going about their work, just candid shots, unscripted.

Walkera Warehouse: www.walkerawarehouse.com


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