Walkera Rodeo 150 review and photo session

Deal Score+3
Deal Score+3

Walkera rodeo is a small super fast racing quadcopter with FPV system build in , but it has also weak points. I can’t test it because FPV system built in doesnt work properly :/ , so I will say only what I see & my feelings from first flight without FPV.

Box like a box with two stages on first stage we can find drone and on the bottom stage is transmitter and charger.

Rodeo is well constructed, everything is tight and looks tough. Plastic used in this construction is really stiff so this is bad and good ( good when we got small crash nothing should happend but when we crash hard this plastic will just brake or cracked cause it’s to stiff. Weight is super low about 220g without battery so with 2s battery this quad flying like big one walkera F210,with 3s battery, due to low wight we can’t attach any big cameras & make some FPV racing cause it will be too much for rodeo.

On the front we can find two big diodes and on sides rounds in red colour. On the top is FPV transmitter with rubber doors, and on the right side we can find two  pwm output , usb input for F3 FC and switch PWM/PPM

I love installed in flight controller SP racing F3, it works great, we can easily connect it to PC and adjust some setting.

Stock battery is 2S 850mah 30C and it’s so freaking expensive 15$ !! , but I checked zippy 2s 850mah 25c from hobbyking and fits great ( it cost only 5,5$)  also weight is much lower 🙂  .

Antenna and reciver are placed on the top of the drone. Antenna is really shitty so I propose to replaced it ASAP . FPV TX is in two version 25mw and 200mw I think I have 25MW but works ok. My version got 8 channels , but new version is close to roll out with 40 channel TX .My rodeo got issue with power board and FPV TX so I can’t  fully test it :/ .


Camera can be tuned up or down , so it’s great feature for beginners who flying slow and want to see ground and sky when drone is hovering and for people which want to get from rodeo all the juice 🙂 .

Rodeo 15o looks really small like a toy but it’s not a toy !, so don’t fly near other people cause it can still hurt someone pretty bad.

Devo 7 is good RC controler for begiiners , it works like should also also well placed in hands. Bad thing is that we have to use 8 x AA battery other , I tried 2S battery but simply volatge is to low and 3s battery can burn it so ehhhh .

Old bad charger xD , I had this little charger couple years ago and always over charged on of the cell, so at the end my 3S battery was 4.19 / 4.20 / 4.26  ( should be not more than 4.20 per cell other wise cell will be damaged and after 20 chargers my battery puffed up like fat whale ). If you don’t have other charger then just use this one but if you have other one then hide this one and never use 😉 .

Rest of the package is 4x spare props/ some hex and wrench and cables for TX / FC

If you are really a beginner or you are an adanced user but your are not ready for your own construction then this drone could be for you. It’s super fast and battery are super cheap but try to use this quad over high grass then it will be indestructible. Drone with F3 flying like a dream even in windy day, it’s stable and you are feeling big power in this small body 🙂 .

Like I mentioned I had issue with FPV but I am sure that reseller will send me spare parts and I will push this drone pretty hard, so I will update this post :0) .

If you are reading this then thank you for your time and I hope you will back here soon 🙂

If You have any suggestions, just let me know 🙂

Cheers guys !

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