Uuuuu Baby I am a FPV ROCKSTAR

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If you aren’t  musically talented but you have always wanted to be,  you’ve got three solutions; you can sing under the shower (unfortunatelly to your neigbour if you live in a flat), play in your garage or make your drone play instead of you. As you can see the third option is not that bad.

Ladies and Gentelman today we would like to present You a team of flying FPV robots playing songs on little bit tuning  instruments. As we can see , the conception is based on great idea and the precision but synchronization of details plays a leading role.

We can listen how drons are palying on keybord , a custom single string guitar hooked up to an electric guitar amp , drums hit by elements deconstructed from piano and bells. A lot of bells.

Actually it sounds real nice.


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