Use Your Drone!

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We can use drones in a many different ways. We using drones for fun flight- it’s our hobby, for deliver food or other stuff- drones are fast and cheap and we can even take a dog for a walk with drone. The first rule of using drones should  sound  “If can’t get somewhere, we can always use your drone.”So..

If You are :

  • Fascinated of  the architecture and the construction of monuments and you are too lazy to get on the roof or simply don’t want go to jail , use drone 🙂


  • Fascinated of your pretty neighbour (or her body) but you are simply  too shy or too busy for serious relationship- use drone and BTW watch out for the broom…


  • Total prankster with spooky sens of humor and you want to have fun or just it’s Hallowen and You don’t have sweets for annoying kids, use drone 🙂 and make them your own treat or trick


  • watch amazing pyrotechnic show closer and you are pretty sure that you might need your limbs in the future… In conclusion “in a risky situation- use drone”



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