UnderWater Fishing Drone PowerRay from PowerVision

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PowerVision, a company which became famous with PowerEgg drone, this time has decided to help fishermen with dubious hunting skills and create UnderWater Fishing Drone- PowerRay. Good invention or crap?

PowerRay was officialy shown to the world at CES 2017, so we could see the drone on their own eyes.
And there wouldn’t be nothing strange about showing this drone on CES, but I can not help feeling that I’ve already seen this kind of drone somewhere… And that’s true… I want to remind you one of Kickstarters project from 2015- OpenROV Trident the underwater drone…So, it’s really hard to not say that UnderWater Fishing Drone PowerRay is the copy of OpenROV Trident…

PowerRay is most advanced than OpenROV Trident, but it’s obvious because the technology is developing day by day. For me PowerRay is like reheated pork 🙂 But, never mind. I leave it, everybody can think what they want… But the most controversial idea, in case of these two drones, is using the cabel underwater… It will hard not to tangle it…Not exactly brilliant idea…OpenROV Trident is an invention of 2015, but PowerRay… Couldn’t they just get rid of this cabel? Evolution of idea in this case didn’t work.

What has UnderWater Fishing Drone on the board to make catching the fish easier? Well, Fishfinder sonar,FPV camera capable to capture footage or blue-tinted light designed to lure fish…PowerRay is capable to explore underwater eviroment with a depth of 98 feet and track the fish with range of 131 feet below the drone. It is also easy to control by your smartphone and you can expirience FPV view using FPV goggles.

So… Is it really needed drone for fishing? Is UnderWater Fishing Drone PowerRay more important than experience and knowledge of fisherman? Crap or great solution? Waste of money?

In my subjective opinion…I you can’t catch the fish, go to the shop and buy. But if you want to explore the underwater world and you don’t want to get wet, UnderWater Fishing Drone might a solution:)


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