Traxxas X-maxx the best Batteries for crawling & FPV

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Traxxas X-maxx is a huge Beast so we can put on this truck many mods like FPV with gimbal and other equipment, ofcourse it will work just fine due to huge size and power. For FPV we will need some batteries with huge capacity to make our track work much longer but not very powerfull because on crash due to high speed we can simply damage our FPV equipment. I just found great deal for Turnigy Multistar lipo batteries, only 20$ for 5200mah 4s 10C ! . This is great price because we can esily fit this one into a x-maxx , so both batteries will give us 10 000 mas 4s  100amp constant power and 200Amp in peak  😎  . These batteries are simply great for long range FPV becaue capacity is 10A and 4s power will prevent to ride too fast :P.

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