Traxxas X-MAXX FPV and Head Tracking How to Upgrade Mod

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Traxxas X-maxx with FPV Head Tracking is a new level of FUN , ofcourse simple fpv system is also a great fun but when you can rotate a camera by simply moving your head, then this is a different story. It’s really easy to make it work, just kind of expensive because whole cost to run head tracking on x-maxx could be at least 500$ . I tried FPV on different cars but x-maxx is great due to a size ,  but at the same time we have to be very careful because one crash could ruin whole FPV set on the truck.

Top boards are 10mm MDF boards, this kind of wood material is super easy to ” form ” 🙂 ( cut ,drill ) but at the same time is super strong.

Powerful digital sevros JX PDI-6221MG with 20KG torque are not bad choice, I noticed that this ones are super fast / accuracy  and don’t ” tremble” what is very important. But I noticed that gears got some loose after couple gours of using, so I had to use rubber to achieve video more stable.

As a camera I am using Runcam OWL which has huuuuge POV and works great and the nigh/day time. Image is super sharp and I see lots of deatils.

This is just prototype ( I just tested it ) so as you can see cables are outside but everything will be hide under body. My FPV Transimtter is old good TS832 600mw which works super stable and is really small chance to over heat this one due to huuge size.

BE AWARE that stock Traxxas ESC will work only with Traxxas RC controller, I tried Flysky, frsky, turnigy and it will NOT work. So if you want to use Head tracking be ready to spend 90-150$ for new ESC.


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