TOPSKY F7X 3D fPV goggles 1280×720 42 FOV DVR head tracking

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When you look at these goggles it hard not to say “WOW”. Look awesome, have all super features and cost only 350$ 🙂 Madness!!!

The resolution of the display is 1280×720, so it has never happened before, it’s the best resolution that we can find on the market among small FPV goggles. More then Aomway Commander, FatShark Dominator or Skyzone… Field of view (FOV) is 42 degree like in Fat Shark Dominator HD3  that costs 500$.  The quality of the screen must be amazing!The contrast and brightness is also adjustable. Interpupillary to, so we can fit the view to our needs. Aspect ratio is switchable 16:9, 4:3.

TOPSKY F7X has also built-in DVR with auto and switchable NTSC/PAL , ready to use with max 32 GB memory card, video compression format is 30 fps. DVR is available only for RF mode.

TOPSKY F7X has HDMI and supports 720/1080P HDMI signal input with possibility to select 2D/3D. 3D on the board, but only via HDMI !!! So these goggles are also great for simulations on our computer. It’s worth to mention that for now TOPSKY F7X beats really cult and famous comeptitors, but we haven’t finished yet.

TOPSKY F7X FPV goggles have built-in 5.8G 40CH  sensitive receiver module. Modular receiver can be easily repleaced to another, so user can change it for more sensivite in his opinion or for different frequency option. But of course the reception might be good enough. TOPSKY F7X FPV goggles comes with one mushroom 5.8G Receiving Antenna.

And now is the time,  why I can explain why TOPSKY F7X FPV goggles can beat Skyzone, Aomway or Fatshark…NO DIVERSITY ON THE BOARD!!! The producer of TOPSKY F7X FPV goggles made a huge mistake. Diversity is a must have for now… That is dissapointing fact.

The optional is head tracking module, so plus for that, but in my opinion, I would rather have diversity intead head tracking, not everyone needs that feature and as I said before diversity is a basic.

TOPSKY F7X FPV goggles are light = 190g with battery (is included) and small. Comes with elastic band . Fan is also on the borad, so it will eliminate foggy lens or sweating.  We can also find ports as Headphone jack/ AV-IN port/ DC IN port/ PS2.

In conlusion : really good FPV goggles, portable, amazing screen, great faetures, but no diversity…That’s a pitty, but still good deal.


Dispaly: Binocular 1280x720p FOV:42 Degree
Weight of goggles: 190gwith battery
Video format:NTSC/PAL auto
Head tracking module: yes optional
Receiver: Built-in one 5.8G 40 CH
Diversity :no
Video format: MJPG/30 Fps
SD card max 32gb
Buttom adjustment:Intensity control/contrast control/ channel control/display mode control/ DVR switch/ head satrration control/tracking module
HDMI:Support 720/1080P HDMI signal input ( 2D/3D auto selection)
Ports:Headphone jack/ AV-IN port/ DC IN port/ PS2
Power:DC7-18V (3h-4h) Image voltage indicator function

What is included:
5.8G Receiving Antenna
AV Cable
HDMI Cable
Glasses Cloth
EVA Spongy Cushion
QR Code Card
English Sticker
Myopia Lens Sample

9.3 Total Score

Screen quality
  • Amazing screen
  • Head tracking possibility
  • DVR
  • Modular build
  • Nice Design
  • Great price
  • No diversity!!!
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