TOP5 FPV goggles December 2017

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The fresh list of the best fpv goggles on the market of December 2017. You can go wrong with these gear! Hight quality stuff :)Check out:)

DJI Goggles RE

Welcome new fpv goggles from DJI, made specially for drone racing – DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition !!! High quality gear from DJI is not cheap, but as always worth every penny. DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition guarantees the best quality of the view; big 5inch screens with  1920 × 1080 for single one and HD transmission. Who has opportunity to use DJI Goggles knows that it’s the highest level of fpv experience.

DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition were adapted to requirements of gear made for racing , but can be used with flagship models of drones from DJI for aerial photography like DJI Mavic of Phantom series.

DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition have also headtracking and are comaptible with most fc on the market ; F3, F4, KISS, NAZE and RC; X9D (Frsky), DEVO 10 (Walkera), T8FG (Futaba),T14SG (Futaba), WTF09sll (WFLY), AT9S (RadioLink).

DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition are switchable from 2.4 GHz  to 5.8 GHz and transmission distance can be increased to 7km!!! Amazing !!! As basic DJI goggles come with two Pogoda Antennas 🙂

One of the best goggles on the drone market are officially matched to racing pilot needs. Not cheap , but amazing great!

Eachine EV200D

Eachine EV200D new fpv goggles are really awesome. Previous Eachine EV100 were much cheaper,but haven’t got diversity and built-in DVR, which were a two main serious cons for FVP goggles. Thankfully , Eachine decided to make Eachine EV200D:)And it was a rilliant decision!!!

Eachine EV200D has diversity and users can order it in options; goggles with two receivers form Eachine for 299$ or only goggles . Goggles are comapatible with  Fatshart OLED receiver.

1280×720 resolution for small fpv goggles are really great score and it’s more then we can find in famous Aomway Commander V1 or Skyzone SKY02S V+ and Fatshark… Goggles have  adjustable IPD and can be used with diopter lens from Fatshark . Very eyes friendly goggles. 42 degree FOV is big and comfortable for human eyes.

Eachine EV200D goggles have DVR and 72CH. Awesome!

Eachine EV200D can be used like 3D goggles thanks to HD port, so it might be useful not only for drone pilots.

The design of EV200D is also great. We everything, that we need comfortable raceband, FAN!!! and well thought battery mount. Goggles come with 7.4V 1800 mah battery , that has charging indicator lights .

Eachine EV200D might one of the best goggles on the market and the best deal for 300$. This time Eachine made a really great job. These goggles have everything what drone pilot need and might be Fatshark killer and smash Skyzone and Aomway Commander V1!

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D are main worthy competitor for expensive FatSharks goggles; Skyzone as first on the market gave the user  possibility to 3D flight expierience, without no need to spend a huge amount of cash. 300$ is really fair price, for set without head tracking even 275$.

Perfect Screen quality, in every detail… All users of Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D goggles are agree that the image is clear and sharp. Binocular display (two monitors) really can give the best quality of view:  854X480(WVGA) 1,229,760 color sub-pixels,  brightness: 350cd/㎡ and thanks to Image Adjustment, user can set parameters of the view as the brightness, contrast, interpupillary and diopter for his eyes. Skyzone goggles have two most common screen aspect ratios: 16:9 and 4:3.

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D =a lot of functions. Even if user want use all, it hard not to say that Skyzone doesn’y give the user plenty of possibilities.

Built-in  40CH 5.8G diversity receiver with raceband and -90dBm±1dBm sensitivity is quite unieversal and compatible with  the most popular FPV 5.8G transmitters on the drone and RC market.  For example; Boscam, DJI, Skyzone. The big pros is that you don’t need to spend extra money for receiver, because it’s a part of set. Of course built-in receiver has also a con; it’s no option for different frequencies  1.3G, 2.4G. Overall, the reception is really great.

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D comes with two 2 x 5.8G 2dBi Antenna, but you can also easily increase the quality singnal using two diffenent antennas for example cloverleaf antenna, that will work in all directions and a patch antenna with  the better reception and sensitivity, but only in one direction. Antenna Connector: 2x SMA 50ohm.

SKY02S V+ 3D have two diversity modes: 3D mode and 2D

We will also find built-in DVR  with playback function is part of a set. So once again we lower the costs and just add a micro SD (max 32gb) card and we are ready to record. You can record with 640×480 resolution and depends of choice video format PAL or NTSC – 30fps for NTSC source and PAL at 25fps.  .

Front camera with  640x480p resolution and 60 degree FOV allows you to see what’s going on around you , without need to take off the goggles. Very comfortable solution, that will help the user focus on the flight. It’s switchable so you can easily change FPV view to front camera view.

Let’s say couple of words about  head tracking. SkY02S V+  have built-in self-calibrating head tracking  based on gyro, inertial and compass. It works perfect, we have checked on Traxxas car here 🙂

HDMI output not only bring the new quality of the view , but also makes SKY02S V+ 3D ready to use with  PC as  FPV simulator.  SKY02S 3D has also A/V Port: 3.5mm and Ear Out: 3.5mm with volume control. Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D is compatible with 3s battery.

SKY02S 3D are very portable and small, but no fan on the board can make you sweat in sunny day. The shape of the goggles doesn’t fit everyone’s face, but we are different so it’s hard to make happy every single user.It comes with two different types of face plates, so you can always pick up better.

Aomway Commander V1 

Aomway Commander V1 are the legend among fpv racing pilots. These goggle aren’t the fresh invention, but advanced features  and great performance make it still one of the best, a specially that manufacture decided to upgraded a little and add 3rd strap on top  and the description on buttons . As also upgrade diversity software for new better one and change the antennas for better ones; patch and cloverleaf antenna.

Aomway Commander V1 are FPV goggles with a lot of great extra features on the board. Aomway Commander V1 goggles have DVR, DVR is also on the board. DVR can work like “black box”, which means that Aomway goggles start to recording, when we turn on it, so it’s a very nice extra feature. Goggles supports max 32gb SD card.  DVR is only analog. Switchable NTSC/PAL, but no matter what option will user choose  files will be recorded in VGA (640×480) at 25fps. Aomway Commander V1  support 3D function: Side/Side 3D and have stereo audio output and the HDMI port, that supports 720P and 3D signal inputs.

Aomway Commander V1  have also headtracker feature, but it’s extra paid feature. So 2-axis head tracker  is only for advanced version.

Aomway Commander V1 support 3D image and HDMI.

The resolution is 854×480, so it’s a good score. Aomway Commander V1 have also built-in 5.8G 40CH diversity sensitive receiver, fan and anti-fog lens.

310$ !!!The price seems to be fair, comapre to the features and possibilities  that Aomway Commander V1 gives the user.

Skyzone SKY03 3D 

New Skyzone SKY03 3D are the latest fpv goggles on the market !These fpv goggles look amazing; sleek and shapely construction, effective LED on the front -very  futuristic design ! What’s ” inside” Skyzone SKY03 3D ?

Diversity; ISM 5.8GHz 48CH diversity receiver and two 5.8G 2dBi antennas – for that price is a basic, but of course awesome. Built- in head tracker- great! Fan and front camera!!!IPD adjustment!!! 2s-6s battery support!!! HDMI, DVR, AV IN/OUT n:) So really awesome stuff on the board 🙂

And …Well, 800x660p resolution… Not much upgraded, so it might dissapoint a little… Up to 43 Degree FOV -awesome. The quality of the fpv will be fine, but not awesome like in DJI goggles…

Skyzone SKY03 3D fpv goggles are upgraded version of famous Skyzone SKY02 3D, but look a little bit different and has some new features,but not a lot….It will be also quite expensive… Skyzone fpv goggles were always awesome and were called a Fatsharks killers, because it offer a lot of great features for not extraorbitant price. I hope the price is not a final, because 480$ is quite a lot. BUT… :)Usually when new product appears, the older one is getting cheaper, so maybe in this situation not much worse Skyzone SKY02 3D fpv goggles will be in very attractive price :)Always see a bright side, couse Skyzone SKY02 3D are also on our list 🙂 and are about 20-30$ then a half year ago 🙂

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