Top 5 The best budget RC Robots for Christmas 2016

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RC Robots are toys of the future. Today RC robots are available for everyone, have a lot different features and prices. But one thing is timeless- careless of feeling like a child, when we find our ideal present under Christmas Tree. If you always want a RC robot or you are thinking of great present for your child or fan of robots, this TOP 5 list of RC Robots might be useful for you. And one thing… Christmas is coming!!! Jingle bells!

When I was a child , receiving a robot as a Christmas present was impossible wish; it was a beginning of this kind of toy and it took a while before RC robots appeared on shop’s shelfs (YES!!! I’m old :)))  But today we’ve got plenty of possibilities and choice seems to hard . The market is full of affordable RC robots, which can do amazing things and if we have to choose ideal robot for us or little members of our family, we are undecided and feel confused.

On robots market we can buy a robot toy for 15$ and more serious intelligent home friend robot for about 600 $ and more… In this article I would like to convince you that no matter what budget do you have, you can always buy something interesting, a specially if think of present for your child. The truth is that children don’t know the real value of the money, so they would be happy if they get robot for 15 $ to. The price is not the most important criterion of selection in this case.

If you are serious robotic lover, real fun of the gadgets and you don’t care about the money you might be interest on 3rd place 🙂

No matter what are you looking for and for who, I hope I’ll help 😀

5.So the number 5 will be a good start for “Simply RC Robots”.

Simply RC robots, that let your child and you spend some time playing together. It’s more like “choice category for parents”, because there’s a lot of  very similar Robot toys, that are very easy to use, cheap (to 10$ to 30$) and intended for younger children for play, not for other complicated task as programming . A couple of examples:

RC Battle Robot for 13.99$ (on the picture 1) , so it’s really cheap. It’s also easy to control and with extra features that allows to monitore the state of  robot (robot changes the colour). Great fun for whole familly.
Two RC deformation Robots for little fan of Transformers :JIAQI TT661 RC Remote Control Deformation Robot (on the picture 2) and JIAQI TT651 RC Remote Control Deformation Robot.(on the picture 3) Good choice if child want RC car a robot, cause it’s 2in1 😀

You might also like not RC robots, just electric toys. I would call this kind of robots “Intellingent Dancing Robots”. Example-Electric Intelligent Robot Remote Controlled RC Dancing Robot .The price is the most attractive factor, cause it’s only 10$ to 19$.

4.Animal Robots-Robot Dog, Robot Cat

Robot instead of puppy? Why not. It’s a good start for those who can’t let yourself a real pet at the moment, because of different causes or for those who thinks that puppy is momentary whim for their children or the simply  they are to young for that kind of responsibility. It might be a good, temporary solution for people with allergy for fur or those who don’t have a lot of time for walks or other tasks related with real animals.

Electric Voice Control Robot Smart Dog that can respond voice commands as “Dancing” or “Kiss me”and more of course. We can buy this robot in two versions: for dog fans-Youdi and for cat fans- robot cat Cindy.The control distance is only 1m and that’s a pity, but both versions of pet robot are really adorable and costs only 23,99$.


The second one proposition is JG RC Robot Smart Dog. It’s RC controlled dog that can wag the tail or even a pee:) Very realistic dalmatian dog in black and white vesion and pink and white, for 42.99$. JG RC Robot Smart Dog. behaves as real dog!

Which one of Animal Robots is better for you?

3.UBTECH Alpha 1s

UBTECH Alpha 1s 3D is a programmable Humaniod Robot, one of the best of the market :)So why only 3rd place? It’s bloody expensive!!! 610$!!!That’s a lot. But let’s forget for moment about the price and focus on advantages of this robot. UBTECH Alpha 1s is made with amazing precision and we can easily noticed that by the the robot moves.It’s amazing flexible. Using PC visualisation software we easily programme UBTECH Alpha 1s and simulate the interactions. Play time is about 60 min and that’s a great score. Alpha 1s is great robot. But in my opinion it’s a toy for “big boys”.Children don’t realize the value of  this kind of gift, but for fan of electronic gadgets Alpha 1s will be perfect.

2.Intelligent RC Robot Space Armor Warriors Spider Robot

Intelligent RC Robot Space Armor Warriors Spider Robot deserves 2nd place.It’s a robot in good price-59.99$, that will bring to world of science fiction battle of robots… Spider Robot is armed and ready for the enemy :))) This Warrior Rc model has laser on the board (imitation of course) and will not hesitate to use it:))) IF you really piss him off, it will treat you hoodles or frisbees:) The construction is very durable, it doesn’t look like trashy plastic. Great fun for children and adults.

1.UBTECH Jimu 3D Programmable Creativity DIY Robot

The winner for me is UBTECH Jimu 3D Programmable Creativity DIY Robot. UBTECH Jimu Robot debuted on CES 2016. In this case it’s not just a toy for kids, JIMU Robot is an interactive toy for whole family. The UBTECH Jimu 3D comes in boxes and we need to build it and programm by yourself. It’s a fun, that increases the creativity, learn more about robotics and design concepts and a great opportunity to spend more time with our child.

Moreover it’s programmable robot. Thank to special App children can understand how to build in 3d, program Jimu and share the effect with “Jimu community”.This special App can be installed on smartphone or tablet and after connecting will show the steps of building the robot.

We can pick up between two vesions of robots: Inventor Level or Explorer Level. It depends what animal we want to build from the kit.

UBTECH Jimu Robot costs 399.00$, after 60% discount. It’s not cheap,I would say it’s a highness price, but innovation ideas are always valuable. I guess that’s the way the market prospers… But with ceratain it’s numer one robot in my opinion.

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