Top 5 Best Budget Drones 2015 / 1

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In 2014 multirotors became one of best selling toys for everyone. Now in 2015 we have big market for multirotors .Multirotors are very universal products,created for fun and  for high purposes as since and new technologies .

Currently we have more than 100 differnt types of multirotors, from simply small toys to big cinematics octocopters. But which one we should consider to buy if we looking for budget multirotor to learn to fly or as a gift.

Here we have best 5 budget multirotros:


5# Cheerson CX-10A


One of the best selling Nano quads in 2014 and so far 2015. This is really small quad coz it’s not bigger than big fat FLY :). It’s hard to damage. Even if you will crash hard to the groun, it’s almost ready again to fly. Best thing is that we can buy this quad for 16$ and we are able to do some flips coz it has 6 axis gyroscope.

Read more about Cheerson CX-10A here     You can buy here Cheerson CX-10A


4# Hubsan X4 H107C

I think this is best selling quadcopter in 2014. In 2015 still lots of peoples buying it. Pros for this quad is not bad camera quality / Easy to fly /  6 axis gyroscope/ Hard to serious  damage / Easy to find spare parts.

Read more about Hubsan X4 H107C here     You can buy here Hubsan X4 H107C


This is serious crash proof quad. You can band propellers in your hand and will they back to normal shape. I think this is best quad for begginers coz you can crash many times and there will be no need to replace parts. It has the same options as H107C and RC  controler, which looks like game pad. That controler not only looks qool but also has a lots of options like the  button  to make a photo or to flip. Why its’s on the 2rd place ?? At first coz it’s tooooo easy to fly and Price  55$ is bit high but it’s worth every cent !

Read more about JJRC H8C here     You can buy here JJRC H8C


2# JJRC H6C Quadcopter with 2MP Camera

I thinking many times … ” Should  I  place this quad on first place ?! ”  It has similary functionality as JJRC H8C  ( without banding propelers and it’s not that crash proof ) but it looks like hubsan copy and it quite possible that motors will be the same  and price 44$ sounds better than 55 :). JJRC H6C deserves 2nd place with no doubts.

Read more about JJRC H6C here    You can buy here JJRC H6C



Why EAchina  is on first place ? It has best camera quality from our top 5 ( by the way  it’s perfect copy of Hubsan H107C besides camera ). It’s hard to serious damage this quad because it has quite light and strong construction. Even if you crash, spare parts are quite cheap and easy to find beacuse you can still use parts from hubsan. The price 41$ …   saying everything 🙂

Read more about H108C EACHINE here    You can buy here H108C EACHINE


When I was writing this article I tried to mix my opinion with users reviews.I analyzed prices and potentiality to find spare parts. The most important things that you need consider if you want to buy the best quad for you are your needs and use of you quad.  Not always the most expensive quad it’s a solution for you. If you really want to learn how to fly or have a fun, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and pay for the extra function ,that you don’t  need. Moreover if you crash hard your quad, drawn it or loos it in some other way(trust me for begginers is everyday life), you will not pist that you lost 300$ or more …

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