TOP 3 list of the best racing micro quadcopters 2017

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If we speak about really powerful mini racers, we must say it loud : ” Eachine rules”! Yes, Dear Drone Pilots this year belongs to Eachine mini racing quadcopters… Quadcopters from Eachina are small , fast, tough and won’t make us sad if you check your bank account:)

3.Eachine Aurora 90

Aurora 90 from Eachine with no shame opens Top3 list !!! It’s small and light – 73g without battery . Aurora 90 has really nice parts on the board, but before I start to recite and praise all these parts , it’s worth to mention that Aurora 90 has really great opinions from users- 4.9/5 of 116 users on Banggood. So there’s no need to advertise this little racer,but I need to appreciate it for sure. Aurora 90 has propeller guards,so it could be easily use indoor and outdoor,but to be honest it’s to powerful drone to use it indoor.  Aurora 90 reminds a lot Tiny Whoop QX95,but it’s better and faster. Aurora 90 has one of the best FC for small quads- Minicube F3 6DOF with built-in Betaflight OSD, powerful Minicube 10A BLHELI_S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600- also one of the best option for micro racing quadcopters and  LED strip function. And if speak about really good parts, Aurora 90 comes with powerful Eachine 1104 7500KV brushless motors and 600TVL HD CMOS- we know better and it might dissapoint alot of users , for most of them will be just good enough (no sensations) and 50mm 4-blades propellers. Aurora 90 is compatibile with 2s baterries and thanks to its size and weight it has a lot of punch. It’s not the newest drone on the drone market, but still beats the competition. The fact that Aurora90 is really great and fast drone and the price is not exorbitant makes it really attractive option for every racing pilot.

2.Eachine Aurora 100

Eachine Aurora 100 is bigger brother of Aurora 90, but the difference is not only the size. At first sight , we can see that Aurora100 bigger, has no propeller guards and the construction of the frame is differnt – no more Tiny Whoop clone. But true is that if we look inside , we can also see the same parts – but still great parts :)The question is what make us feel the difference during the flight??? And the answer is the weight of Aurora 100 – only 61.7g without battery, so despite the fact it’s bigger, it’s also lighter then Aurora 90 and this is the key to success of this little quad; less weight = more power. On the board of Aurora100 we can find the same FC -Minicube Betaflight F3 6DOF with built-in OSD, Minicube 10A BLHELI_S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600 and Eachine 1104 7500KV brushless motors. As I mentioned really the best parts. The FPV camera is also the same; 600TVL HD CMOS (unfortunately). On the board also 50mm 4-blades propellers – the same situation as in case of Aurora 90 🙂 Extremaly light drone Aurora 100 on 2s battery is faster then Aurora 90 and user can really feel the power. It’s a little beast! Aurora 100 from Eachine costs 129,99$ and with score 4.8/5 from 58 users it’s really worth every penny.

1. Eachine Lizard 95

The winner is Eachine Lizard 95 . It’s a WOW drone racer! This drone is fast as hell, easy to setup, powerful and durable. Eachine Lizard 95 comes with with the 5 blade props, huge ,powerful 1104 KV6000 brushless motors and Betaflight F3 Flight controller built-in OSD. ESC are the same as in Aurora 90 and Aurora 100- 10A BLHELI_S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600 and literally the best ones. VTX antenna of Lizard95 gives plenty of range with the 25mW to 100mW switchable power.The only weak point is camera-600TVL CMOS… To compare it with Eachine TX03 camera, that would be much better option and this drone with this camera wouldn’t have any cons.That’s a pity that manufacturer thought the same:( That little beast weighs only 66g without battery- great score. It’s compatibile with 3s battery!!! On 3s battery Lizard 95 makes Ironman jelous and Superman cry like a little girl:))) It’s not only the fastest drone , but also crashproof machine with hard to break frame . With 4.9/5 notes from users and opinion of the best micro racing quadcopter, it’s hard not to buy it . On special promo in Banggood you can buy this super quad for 126,99$. The best deal!!!


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