Top 2 Newest Mini FPV Racing Drones which should be worth your attention

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Every single new racing drone from eachine is much better & more adavance, in these two new drones we can notice new thins. Lizard 95 has low RPM motors 6000KV, which is great way to go because low rpm = higher torque. So if you will use 5 blades 2035/1935 props then efficiency/power shoudle be noticable better, also it’s much better choice for 3s battery because motor will colder so no more worries about overheting.

Next one is DustX , this is small MotherFucker ! , 25grams brushless 20000kv motors ! Hell yeah !. This thing is like true advanced pocket rocket with props. DHOT 600 in micro 58mm ?! I am in 🙂 .

1) Eachine Lizard 95 mm is literally one of the most crash proof Mini Drones so far, carbon frame is around electronic parts so after crash most important things will be on right place. As always on board we got all the best features like OSD , Dshot , Leds & Buzzer. Next thing is switchable VTX from 25 to 100mw , so no more crashes due to problem with weak video signal. In this version of Eachine Lizard 95 we can find great seat , 6000KV and 5 blades props are good choice because bit lower RPM with increase torque.

2) EAchine dustX 58mm is trully Brushless Tiny Hoop !, super fast & light with adavanced features. I am still suprised that EAchine dustX at 25g & size 58mm has Dshot 600 in ESCs and built in SBUS frsky receiver, because at that super low weight is really hard to fit all these features. But anyway EAchine dustX 58 looks really dealicious, it could be the best tiny racing drone for indoor use. 20 000kv brushless motors should provide great thrust to fly about 10 faster than old Tiny Whoop 🙂 .


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