This is how stupid people using poor birds to catch a drones

Just check this video to see how some idiots are train an eagle to catch  a drone !. Some people can say ” This is a great idea” , but is it? . Let’s imagine that eagle have to catch a small syma, well ok, I even can catch it with naked hands, but this bird are traned to catch much bigger drones than syma  like a DJI or Typhoon. So now let’s imagine that we have to catch with naked hands flying toward us big dji phantom 4 with 700kv motors and 10″ props or even better DJI inspire with 350kv motors & big fat carbon props , when we try to catch it we can say bye bye to our fingers, dji inspire will chop out our fingers with first contact. So now, what do you think about this poor birds , do they really have to suffer because some idiot got some dumb idea?

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