The newest drones of CES 2107

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CES 2017 is a big event for every fan of new technology. So what producers of drones have to offer RC fans in 2017? What’s really a new and “fresh” invention of 2017 and what is like “reheated pork” of 2016?

CES 2016 was the event full of new drones and Typhoon H with obstacles avoiding system from Yuneec stole the show. How about CES 2017? This year we had opportunity to admire a lot of really cool gadgets, but if we speak about the phenomenal drone, it will be hard to point out really innovation drone that smashed the competition.

Let’s start from DJI 🙂 DJI has showed its cult models like DJI Mavic, DJ Phantom 4 or the latest DJI Inspire 2 – a better version of DJI Inspire 1 with some extra features and…PRICE!!! Nothing suprising this time, but DJI is famous anyway…

Yuneec have focused on Typhoon series drones and the newest invention- Breeze 4K– selfie drone with follow me mode. Breeze 4K is not the cheapest selfie drone ever…

Zerotech has brought a Dobby pocket drone– next type of selfie drones as Lily or Hover Camera Folding Video drone – compact, easy to fly, foldable and with follow me mode. All these drone were promoted at CES 2017, but had been announced or even sold in 2016, so it’s hard to call it a innovation of CES 2017.

PowerVision have reminded its well known primary drone- The PowerEgg, but the company has also introduced the world two new drones-  underwater PowerRay Fish Finder and  cinematographic  PowerEye drone.

VITUS is a new drone from Walkera and this drone looks like a clone of DJI Mavic. Vitus travel drone is much cheaper than DJI Mavic -600$ and it has 4K camera on the board and obstacles avoiding system. And because of price, Vitus might be popular drone in closer future.

A drone market didn’t forget about racing drone pilots … UVify’s Draco racing drone- ready to fly with impressive speed- 100 miles an hour. With no doubts, it’s the fastest racing quadcopter for now. We are waiting with crossed fingers that invetors of UVify Draco racing drone will increase the flight time. 2 minutes it’s to short to feel the power of this drone!

To sum up CES 2107 🙂 Maybe drones weren’t the main stars of the evening, but still potential costumers have opportunity to see drones on their own eyes and check its the possibilities. This year belongs to LG  and their smart fridge or wallpaper smart TV… So if you feel a little bit disappointed you can always focus on other needed gadgets 🙂


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