The Giant Megacopter in Action!

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The Megacopter is among the largest hobby drones. Built at the University of Oslo by a team of students and amateurs, it is part of the UiO dissemination project. The Megacopter is made of ordinary RC and hobby components and can lift an adult human in addition to its own weight.

Specifications & more details:

The Megacopter has 48 motors with 13 “propellers
Each engine has over 3 kg lift capacity
It provides enough power to fly with a total weight of up to 150 kilograms
We use 24 batteries that provide up to 140 amps each, corresponding to up to 70 kilowatts of power
Flight time is 2-4 minutes but can be extended by doubling or tripling the number of batteries
The Multicopter is configured as a oktokopter and controlled by KK2, a Norwegian developed management controls made at the time of electronics engineers Rolf Bakke
It uses gyro and accelerometers to control the motors and keep vehicle horizontal
The frame consists of aluminium and laser cut plywood, and a 3D-printed wiring crown in ABS

“15 th of ¬†december we flew the Megakopter. The Megakopter is a drone with 48 propellers and a lot of lifting capabilities.”


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