The best top 3 RTFdrones for beginners for Christmas present

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If you consider to buy a drone as a Christmas present/gift and you’re not sure if it it’s gonna work 🙂 I hope this article will help you- tutorial for drone beginners is always welcome:)I hope so 🙂

But, let’s get to the point :)Really nice drones for beginners are waiting for you 🙂

At first, there’s no point to spend a lot of money for gift that you are not sure it’s gonna be useful for recipient… But if you know that this person has always want a drone or you just think that it must be it… Never mind  what’s the reason 🙂 It’s always a better idea than buying a socks or ugly Christmas sweater with humiliating reinder with red nose (Rudolph!!! 🙂 So…The best way to encourage him is purchase a drone  and just put under the Christmas Tree 🙂 The drone should be  easy to control, cheap to fix and bring a lot of fun the user… It might have also a camera on the board- it’s always a needed  feature… It will be also a great con if it could a drone that we could play with the children … For first shoot it doesn’t need to be FPV…Extra super features like” follow me” or “4K camera” aren’t a specially needed 🙂 Thrust me :)Just focus on a fun drone 🙂

At beginning I have to admit that Eachine rules!!!(BTW… it’s not a sponsor:) But it’s holy true 🙂 Eachine makes really good drones for every level of RC fan- beginners, mediate or pro 🙂

3.Number three will be typical models of Eachine – affordable (to 43 $), easy to fly with camera on the board. These models are RTF, cheap and don’t need special flying skills from the user. All of them have headless mode function or one key to return home, decent camera on the board (720p) and safe contruction with well protected props … And of course good notes from users 🙂Eachine E30W, Eachine E5C, Eachine H99W and Eachine H8W (0.3MP camera, but costs 10$ less). All these models are basically the same, only the look might be a little bit different; color and details of housing 🙂

2. The second place is really inconspicuous, but appreciated of a lot of RC fans, inluding me 🙂 Eachine E010 🙂 This drone costs only 14,99$- super cheap and safe. Maybe Eachine E010 has’t got camera on the board, but it’s amazing crash proof:) My walls and me… Yeah we know that 🙂 The construction is extremaly safe- it’s small and propellers are really great secured. 5/5 notes from 1079 (for now) users can’t be wrong:) This nice, little guy might surprise you:)

1.The first place goes to Eachine E50. This drone, as the same as drones from 3rd place, is affordable -39.99$. It’s also RTF, easy to fly with headless mode and altitude hold,controlled by smartphone, FPV and with 720p camera on the board. But what we get extra is selfie mode and foldable construction (foldable arms), ready to fit our pocket. So take it wherever you want and fly!!!

HO HO HO 🙂 What’s your type?

or just leave me a smile 🙂 Christmas are coming 🙂

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  1. H99W 🙂 it’s big and easy to mod

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