The Best racing drone for beginner RTF 2017 1Q JJRC EAchine Walkera

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Here is my top 3 list of the best racing drones for beginners, I consider only truly racing drones in low price with big potential and ofcourse RTF. Next thing which I consider are spare parts, if you are a beginner you will need them, ofcourse price should be as low as possible and all parts should be on stock. Last one is ” Easy to use ” , chosed drones by me have great social support, so for sure you will easily find how to resolve any problems.

3) Walker Rodeo 110

Super small racing drone with carbon frame, ofcourse this one can’t fly with big action camera but is the best way to start fun with FPV Racing drones. Walkera Rodeo 110 is great for people which never controll racing drone before and are looking for more experience, this drone is super light & small so if we crash to something damage will be really tiny than we crash big fat racing drone. It’s super small but not slow and shitty , on board we can find great SP F3 flight controller, 100mw FPV TX and can be poweredy by 2S Lipo ! :).

2) Eachine Wizard

Eachine Wizard is a super cheap racing drone for beginners, lot’s of postive opinions , crash proof contruction and easy to find spare parts. 3 blades props gives great power and great fun! . If you already know that you will crash very often then Eachine Wizard is for you, construction is really tought and important electronic parts are well secured. But here is a small con because battery is mounted at the top so there is no room for action camera, but this is a ” Battleship ” for beginners ! so don’t risk your action camera 😎  . It’s worth to mention about ESCs which can work with Dshot !.


Cheap Legit Racing Drone, to be honest ” You can’t buy or make DIY drone better then this one at the same price ! “. For me this drone is at 1s place because has the best parts on board , also weight is quite low and it’s ready to mount some action camera on board. Worth to mention is motors used in this drone , legendary ” Emax Red Bottom “. These motors are super powerful , crash proof and very efficiente ( I got these motors in my drone and really guys, the best of the best ). Flight controller is high quality Sp F3 6DOF Skyline32 Acro which can work flawless with newest betaflight and ESC can work with multishot . This drone is really not a toy, is the most super powerful from all RTF drones under 300$. To bridle this beast, you need some experience otherwise it will be carnage  😈

Trully  NO 1. RTF Racing Drone under 210$

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This is my honest opinion about these drone !


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