The best micro quadcopter in November 2017

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The top 3 list of micro racing drones for November 2017. The best, the fastest micro drones on the market you can buy 🙂

1. Aurora RC Mini Fight 110

Aurora Rc decided to smash th competition with  Aurora RC Mini Fight 110 and the comapny has right!  Aurora RC Mini Fight 110  has 55oo KV motors and 2, 5 inch  propellers . It’s first micro drone in the market with amazing  effiecient motors and powerful huge props ready to increase the thrust to maximum 🙂 VTX range is over 1km (switchable from 25mW to 200mW )!!! The fpv camera has 1500tvl , so it’s one of the best fpv cameras on the market!!! Aurora RC Mini Fight 110  weighs  84g, so it’s no phenomenal score , but it’s not fat cow = not bad for micro drone 🙂

It’s the best 110mm racing micro drone on the market. Motors with low KV do a job,but huge props push it to the limit!!!

2. Leader 120

Leader 120 is one of the best drone PNP racing drone on the market and the cheapest one at the same time. With huge and poweful 2,5 inch propellers , strong 20A ESC dshoot ready, and 2-3s battery on the board can easily beat Lizard95. 7500 motors are efficient enough to surprise every fpv pilot. 66g of weight is good score for 120mm micro racing drone!!!  Leader 120 has the highest notes from every fpv racing pilot on Youtube, who had chance to fly it 🙂 Really fast beast! On special Gearbest promo you can get one for 89$ instead 120$-130$ and it’s worth every penny! It’s really madness!!!


Old well-known Lizard95.  Lizard 95 weighs 66g without battery and for micro drone it’s quite a lot. To compare it to others micro drones from the list somebody might say that it’s a little fat cow :)But, on the board of Lizard95 we can find super efficient 6000KV brushless motors and thanks to lower kv of motors the torque is increased. Super powerful motors of Lizard95 used with 5 blades 2 inch props and 3s battery makes this drone a rocket and this set is a key to success. Lizard95 is compatible with 2s and 3s battery, but definitely if want to push it to the limit use 3s battery. 2s is waste of time and won’t show possibilities of Lizard 95.

On the board of Lizard95 we can find also Omnibus F3 Flight controller with built-in OSD, so user of Lizard95 has all he needs; easy configuration, OSD to monitor whole parameters of the drone, which is a must have for drone racing pilot. Fully compatibility with 3s battery is possible thanks to 4 in 1 10A Dshot600 ready BLHELI_S ESC. Lizard 95 is great little quad for freestyle or racing. It’s amazing fast, jumpy.

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