The Best Micro FPV Racing Quadcopters 2016/9 Top 5 Comaprison Coreless Motors

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Here is my TOP 5 List for mini racing drones. I considered drones only with coreless motors, which are the most crash proof, have a lot of features and of course FPV is on board.

5) Eachine X73

X73 is super light FPV drone-only 40gr with battery! The whole frame is one big PCB board and it’s a great idea, because there is no extra wires-that reduces the weight and every connection is a socket PNP, so it’s super simple to replace motors without solder job ( I love it ). Naze32 will give us super stable flight and great fun in manual/Acro mode.

FPV camera is 600TVL, so the quality of video is great. 25mw 40ch TX is great for indoor and outdoor use.

Battery for X73  is 1s 300mah lipo, which should provide about 6 minutes of flight time.

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4) Eachine Tiny QX80 & Floureon QX80

Super cheap “origami ” drone -QX80 is great deal. For this price we get  FPV racing quad with two extra batteries in the box. It’s great choice for people who want to start fun with FPV. You can crash QX80 many times and it will fly and fly and fly. It’s powered by 1s battery, so extra batteries are easy replacement parts.

QX80 it’s perfect choice for FPV pilots on every level, but it’s recommand for amateurs or intermediate in FPV racing. It’s super easy to control and super stable, thanks to FC F3 EVO.  The construction is very tough and light, so it gives great power and long flight time ( 1-2 minutes on race mode and 7-8 minutes on slow fly).

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3) Tiny Whoop Inductrix

The first legit Mini FPV Racing Fun Drone-the real fun began of this little quad. On internet users can find a plenty of mods or tutorials of this drone. Why is on 3rd place? The first and the most important reason is that it’s super expensive compare to others. Moreover, extra solder job is needed!!! Tiny Whoop Inductrix can be bind only with dsm2/dsmx receivers and we also have to buy some extra FPV camera. But from the other hand, this one can give tons of great fun, it’s indestructible(props are well secured). Hundreds of mods brings us a lot of possibilities and help us to made best FPV mini racing that we always wanted :).


2) FuriBee FatBee F110 & FatBee F90

These two are BEASTS!!! 2s batteries in mini drones ?! Can you feel this power ? 🙂 8520 brush motor on 1s battery has 50 000rpm, but on 2s battery will have more than 100 000rpm !!( This is Madness ! ).

After the first “power”, ” tough” is a second best word to describe these two drones 😀 There is no way to destroy these two. Props and components are well secured with housing, so there is no way to damage it by simple crash. To break something, you will have to crash it really hard or drop these drones from the moon 😉

There is a “BUT”… 8520 motors will not stay long on 2s battery, they will have short life. But even with this short life of motors, you will experience best punch of mini drones ever. With that amount of power/thrust, you will forget that you controlling Fat BEE, it will be more likely  Angry Bee and other 1s mini drones can only “cry”, when you add full throttle 🙂 .

F110 vs F90 – the difference is the size.  F110 has wheelbase about 110mm and F90 has 90mm. And here is a thrick… Because the difference of  the frame size, F110 has bigger propellers and that increas it’s thrust. But it’s heavier… F90 is smaller, which means that it’s lighter, but has smaller thrust . In conclusion- it’s hard to say which one is better(the difference is really small). F110 = bigger power in shorter time or F90= longer flight with less power.

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1) EAchine QX90

QX90 is the best mini Coreless Motors FPV Racing drone, so far. For under 70$ we will received 2 extra batteries and 2 extra motors. Can you find a better deal ?! 🙂

It’s really tough drone , QX90 can handle many big crashes and it should still fly great. The weight is very low and every single part is on right place, so it’s will be hard  to break carbon frame on the bottom or to damage top parts, where is FPV antenna (which can be easily banded), so it’s  very good protected  drone from the top. Even if we damage some parts, it can be easily replaced, because we can find every single part to buy on the market.

FPV camera is only 520 TVL, so it can’t generate  the best image ever, but thanks to this weight is super low. So I would say it’s simply enough.

Built-in 40ch 5.8GHZ video transmitter has a lot of channels and power 25mw, so it will not draw a lot of power from a battery and video distance can be even 400 meters ( if we will use FPV plate antenna on receiver).

Battery is 1s 600mah 25c and with this one flight time could be 1 minute, if we are flying in sport mode or even 8 minute on slow flying around. To increase the power of QX90, we should buy some 1s batteries with at least discharging rate of 35C or more. Like this ones Turnigy nano-tech 750mah 1S 35~70C Lipo.

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