The best fpv freestyle pilot

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When I saw this video I thought ‘that’s like a piece of art’.  This is the most original style that I have ever seen ; stunning acrobatics, amazing flying skills, amazing confidence in every move. mattystuntz flies like a master!

mattystuntz wants to develop his own style. His goal is to add a new dynamic to freestyling. mattystunz was  inspired by Tom Smith FPV and Skitzo this past month.

He is not running a 3D setup or Airmode. ‘Its a simple throttle curve on my radio, and Ive been playing around with directional thrusting mixed with throttle management and 55-60 degrees of camera tilt’-mattystuntz expalains.

mattystuntz is useing X frame and  Gopro camera. All 4 motors are equal distance apart 186mm, ultra light, simple design.The top plate sits on the prop line. This gives you pretty much perfect balance on all 3 axis, with your weight centred on the Z axis.

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