The best cheap action mini camera 2.7K 4K FuriBee F60 for 20$

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I bought this camera for 20 $ from Gearbest and I thought that it’s gonna be a garbage. But after I went home with it and started to watch the videos and make this movie, I was killed by its quality of the view…

Furibee f60 is one of the cheapest and the greatest mini action camera with 2.7 30fps on the market right know.

I’ve tested lately Furibee F60 and the latest model of Xiaomi Mijia Mini (review soon )and in both cases I was surprised. But in case of Furibee for good 🙂
Despite the fact that at first glance it looks a little bit” plastic- fantastic” and my friend said about the LCD it’s shitty, but I think that is also not bad and the colors are cheerfully bright 🙂

I also know that it’s called 4K action camera, which means that it’s capable to record 4K 30fps as manufacturer claims. Of course it’s a bullshit… 4K 30fps it’s a crap , in reality it’s 4K with 12fps and it’s a misunderstanding. The chipset can’t handle 30 fps, but I expected and it wasn’t a surprise. A lot of mini cameras on teh market are fake 4K.

But 2.7 30fps is really awesome as you can see on the movie. The quality of the view wasn’t increased ,corrected etc. by any graphic program . The sound too ….

Furibee cam  is very easy to use camera , so to record you just push the button on the top, to turn off the microphone or Wifi two button on the right. There was no need to show that in the video, even 5 year kid could use it without any problems…

Furibee f60 cam can be controlled by special APP and your smartphone, but I used without because it has LCD,as I mentioned before, so I didn’t use that feature. It has also HDMI output 🙂
I am really impressed by F60 camera, it’s one of the best way to spend 20 $ an you can’t go wrong. I miss the stabilization of the view feature, but right gimbal can easily solve this problem 🙂

It’s worth to mention that Furibee F60 camera comes with water-resistant case= really needed stuuf for action cameras, 2 types of mounts; it’s easy to mount iy on the car or bike 🙂 USB cabel. I ‘ll repeat; 20$ !!!!

Once again I sorry for the fingers at the corners- somtimes I’m a noob :)I had Furibee and Xiaomi Mijia Mini side to side in my hands and … yeah… shit happens 😉

I’ve got my Furibee  F60 action camera from Gearbest.:


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