The Best Budget Radio Controller FLYsky FS-I6 FS-I6s Radiolink Top 5

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If you are  a new in FPV or you just want to upgrade your old RC controller then you should check my list, here you can find best 5 RC budget controllers for everyone. I Chosed only Flysky & Radiolinks because these are super cheap and works great out of the box

5) Flysky FS-I10 / Turnigy TGY-I10

I could say that these two are the best but I will not, bouth looks great and has amaizng touch screen which make all options so easy to understand. But these two has some serious problem range, many times I crashed my racing due to lost connection ( I flown pretty close around 200meters form me, between some trees ). Turnigy works much better , it seems to got mch better distance but yeah, I got this filling after flysky that my drone will lost connection and crash. Next thing is a battery, which works no longer than 2hours 😯 . Anyway these two will come with bunch of sensors so everyone will found something useful :), I love how it works looks but these issues… . It’s quite expensive 180$

4) Radiolink At10

I been used this one for long time and working distance is more than 2km out of the box ! . It will come with 10ch. receiver and voltage sensor, whole build quality is simply great. Gimbals can be easily adjusted and we can also switch mode ( special parts to do it are included ). It’s quite expensive 125$

3) Flysky FS-I6

Old great FS-I6, everyone is using this one because is cheap and works great 🙂 . After newest update we can use mini Sbus receivers so in this price this feature is amazing. Built quality is not the best ever but we have 6 channels ready to set up.

2) Radiolink AT9

For 90$ we can buy super stable and cheap RC controler, working distance is more than 1km. Quality is not that good like in AT10 but price is also different, it’s much better than FS-I6 due to very stable signal and has 9 channels.

1) Flysky FS-I6s

This one is a rocket, FS-I6s has great range out of the box ( about 1km, yep it works better than FS-i10s ), 10 channels  and can works on 4 AAA batteries almost 1 week 😯 . For this is beats one, super cheap ( about 60$ ), all useful features and provide very stable signal. If you are a beginner or you don’t want ot buy FRsky yet then FS-I6s should be your choice.


Yeah I know it’s super short but for more info you can simply click ontitles and then you can find more. If you have any ideas about top RC list, you can add it on FPVtv with your affiliate links.


  1. how about the new Flysky FS-i6X, 10 channel ibus version of the FS-i6? any idea if it is improved in any other way?

    Or the Walkera Devo 7E?

    there is sooo much choice the price/performance aware buyer goes almost insane

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