Tarot ZYX-M Hard Test ( DJI Naza M v2 KILLER ) ” Dancing with Drone “

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Yooooo what’s up guys. Today I have something special in 4K resolution : Best test ever “Dancing with a drone “. In this video I am trying to destabilize FC ( as much as I can :)) Tarot is so freaking stable!

I found just one con for this FC -Weight. 120g it’s a lot ( but still I think it could be the best choice for your drone 🙂 !
After 4 weeks of testing ; no problems, few crashes ( pilot fault xD ) but still flying perfect.
U can buy this FC here – http://www.banggood.com/Tarot-ZYX-M-Flight-Controller-GPS-Module-PMU-Module-USB-Module-ZYX25-p-980863.html??p=0R21131665699201505V
Read more about Red Widow V6 here – http://fpv.tv/red-widow-v6-official-fpvtv-racing-drone

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