SKYRC T6755 AC DC Touch Screen Battery Charger With Bluetooth

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T6755 has a built-in power supply unit with 55 Watt / 7Amps output, this is great for 3S-4S Li-Po users, you can plug the charger directly into your wall socket, no messy cables or bulky DC PSU, and you don’t need to pay extra USD$50 for a DC PSU too, the T6755 is just clean and tidy. For those extra tester functions that T6200 has, you may ask yourself do you really need them, if not, you may go straight for this T6755 charger.
Both T6755 and T6200 is a touch screen, high-tech computerized charger, it has detail log for the battery you are charging, it will show graphs and data on the screen. Also featuring the innovative cooling system, there are two smart fans on the back, they suck in cool air from the rear and vent the hot air on the front and create a circulation, one point for SKYRC! For high end users, you can buy the SKYRC PC Connection Kit and connect the T6200 to a PC computer, by using the “Charge Master” software you will gain full control of the charger and more detailed graphs, this is fancy stuff for a RC players.
Difference between T6200 and T6755
The T6200 looks identical with T6755, but big difference. The T6200 requires a external DC Power Supply Unit, you can aim high for this PSU like a 20 Amps unit, you get to charge quicker, on the other hand, the T6755 has a built-in PSU (55 Watt / 7A), it can be plugged directly into 100-240V wall socket. And T6200 has extra tester functions, which T6755 does not have.



Input Voltage: AC Input: 100-240V/DC Input: 11-18V
Controls: Color LCD Touch Screen
Display Type: 65.85*49.63mm graphic touch sensitive LCD 3.2″(320*240 dot) screen and four color theme
Display Backlight: White
PC Communications: USB Port for PC Control & Firmware Upgrade
Case Material: Plastic
Cooling System: Built-in, one 40*40*10mm fan
Case Size: 140*165*60mm
Weight: 540g
External Port: Balance Socket-XH, Temperature Probe Socket, DC Input, USB port for PC, AC Input Power Port
Delta Peak Detection: NiCd: 3-15mV/cell
NiMH: 3-15mV/cell
Charge Cutoff Temperature: 20-80°C (adjustable)
Charge Voltage: NiCd/NiMH: Delta peak detection
LiPo: 4.18-4.3V/cell
LiIon: 4.08-4.2V/cell
Balance Current: 200mA/cell
Reading Voltage Range: 0.3-5.0V/cell
Battery Types/Cells: NiCd/NiMH: 1-15cells
LiPo/LiIon/LiFe: 1-6cells
Pb: 2-20V
Battery Capacity Range: NiCd/NiMH: 100-20,000mAh
LiPo/LiIon/LiFe: 100-20,000mAh
Pb: 100-20,000mAh
Charge Current: 0.1-7.0A
Safety Timer: 1-720 minutes, Off
Charge Wattage: 55W
Discharge Current: 0.1-2.0A (±10%)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: NiCd/NiMH: 0.1-1.1V/cell
LiPo: 3.0-3.3V/cell
LiIon: 2.9-3.2V/cell
Discharge Wattage: 5W
Balance Cells: 6 cells
Memory: 5 different charge/discharge profiles
Charge Method: CC/CV for lithium types and lead (pb) batteries, Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH/NiCd

Touch System
Charging Status Monitor
Microprocessor Controlled
High-Powered and High-Performance Circuit
Terminal Voltage Control
Maximum Safety Protection
Battery Meter
PC Control Software “Charge Master”
Multi-Language and Four Color Theme optional

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SKYRC T6755 AC DC Touch Screen Battery Charger With Bluetooth

Charger accuracy
  • Big functionaly touch screen
  • Bluetooth freature
  • Possibilty to control all aparameters
  • Any?
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