SkyRC S60 Unboxing & Review Great cheap charger

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This post will be an update of SkyRC S60.

SkyRC S60 is a great, little and powerful  charger . SkyRC S60 can charge maximum 4s battery with max power 60watt,, volatge accuracy  for this charger is amazing. I haven’t tested it for a long time, but so far I can say it’s worth every peny.

On the box we can find all necessery info about charger.

In the box we can find only 4 items: Charger, power cable ( in my case EU ),  XT60/banana cable & instruction. So there is not much item, but this is everything what is necessery to strat using charger.

S60 is a super small and light charger and I love built-in power supply. We can only power up skyrcy by AC. If we are outside and we want to charge some batteries, the best way to do is using the car AC power adapter under 100watt and it’s done ( I am using some cheap one 60watt and it’s working well for long time )!!!!

System inside charger is the same like for other SkyRC products. It’s easy to understand how it works.

We can charge all kind of batteries :

  • Number of cells Lixx: 2-4
  • Number of cells Nixx: 6-8
  • Pb battery voltage: 6-12V

I have noticed that this charger doesn’t allow us to charge 1s battery, but when we connect S60 to PC, this option is anavible,so I think we will be able to charge 1s battery ( I will test it in future ). Discharge power is about 10W so it’s not bad , most of chargers  has got only 5w. A very handy is ” Internal resistance ” feature, thanks that we can check the condition of our battery ( lower resistance is better ). Here you can see my old battery Turnigy, which has only 5mohm resiatnce and new battery ZOP with 17mohm ( my old turnigy is much better than new ZOP, so no comment).



Amazing S60 back my batteries from the death ( Accuracy of the charger ).

I bought on aliexpress ZOP battery which came quite dead , volatge for cells was 3,43v | 3.55v | 3.69v.

I really thought this battery will be just a garbage coz voltage of the cells and internat resistant. But I give a try and charged this battery in storage mode to 3,80V and WOW , charger is dammit accuracy. Every single cell is 3.80V ! when I used multimeter to check accuracy of the volatge and it shows 3,802v | 3.800v | 3.799v  ( it’s GREAT SCORE ) .


skyrc s60 charger no01


For me this charger is worth every penny – it’s super cheap,  has got a built-in power supply in and a charging  acuraccy is great. Charger doesn’t support 5s and 6s battery, but this is really not a con, 5s and 6s batteries are very rare in use so … 😉 .

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  1. Did you ever get it to charge at 1s? I can’t.

  2. Thanks. I got the skyrc from banggood for 32$.

  3. How would you compare the s60 with this one


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