SkyRC Q200 Parelle Charging Adapters Big Test It works with all kinds of

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

SkyRC Q200 is working with all kind of charge adapters like parelle boards, multiple boards etc… For me this is one of the best chargers on the market. I’ve got 4 different power adapters, so you can give a proof that it works perfectly.

Here you can see parelle adapter for 1s batteries. You can use it if you are sure that all batteries are at almost same voltage . Β If you are not sure what is voltage for every single battery, then always use storage mode at first (if one of batteries has more than 0,1v you can’t charge it with others, maximum difference should be 0,1V like 3,8 and 3,9V )

Here you can see 3s adapter. This one is connecting 3 x 1s battery, so Q200 treats it like one 3s Lipo. Every single cell is balanced separetly so connected lipos can be at different voltage.

Turnigy 6S adapter connects 2 x 3s battery to one 6s battery. Every single cell in batteries is balanced separetly.

This is my FAV parelle charging board. We can charge 6x 1-6S batteries with maximum 10A.

As you can see charger works perfect with all kind of adapters:) Even internal resistance checker works perfect πŸ™‚

You can buy SkyRC Q200 on Banggood

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