Skyfront Tailwind first drone ready to fly for 4h and 34 min

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 Skyfront Tailwind is really durable drone, that beats even DJI MAvic Platinum. Of course in category of the longer flight:)

On the board commercial drones we can find lihitium polymer batteries , that can power up our drone and are the source of energy. If we decrease the power consumpion of the drone and the weight of the drone , good lihitium battery will power up our for longer. But on the board of Skyfront Tailwind  we won’t find any lihitium polymer battery. It’s  a hybrid gasoline-electric multirotor drone capable to fly for 4h and 34 min without need to replace the battery.

You probably gonna ask why Skyfront Tailwind is not reported to The Guinness Book of World Records ? Firstly it’s not the target of the Skyfront. The main challenge for the comapny is to create multifuntional long distance multirotors capable to fly longer than other commercial drones and 4h nad 34 min score is not their last word. Besides on The Guinness Book of World Records we can find a drones , that are capable to fly longer then Skyfront Tailwind ; solar powered drones or drones, that was sent into the space with missions  , but none of these drones were multicopters.

For whole movie Skyfront Tailwind is hovering, but don’t feel disappointed , it’s just a test before Skyfront Tailwind will be used for long distance flights over 100 miles.

We wish Skyfront comapny good luck  and hope to see Tailwind in action in the future.



  1. Hi, Stanley 🙂 I’m not a Chinese 🙂 Yes, I know that my grammar isn’t perfect, but I promise to learn harder. Thanks for comment 🙂

  2. Drone girl. Are you Chinese. I wonder because of your grammar, not that there is anything wrong with it if you are. I admire the Chinese and buy most of my electronics from Chinese companies. I appreciate the quality of service and dedication to the task at hand.

    Stan (Florida, USA)

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