Shuriken 180 Super Cheap & Tough Drone Unbox and Review

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Shuriken 180 is a racing drone made by ” HolyBro ” company. Well, it should be ” HolyShit ” ,because this drone looks so amazing! When I  first time took this drone in my hands, I thought: “It’s so tough! This one for sure has been made for Rambo”, because whole construction is ready for hit of atomic bomb;)

My first impression (you can hear on video) ” HolyShit “. I was so suprised that drone could be  built so well and look so damn good . Every single part is well protected and only battery can be damaged while crash. Let’s start a review.


– Race32 F3 32-bit flight controller with independent anti-vibration IMU ( preloaded Cleanflight )
– Integrated PDB with heatsink bottom plate, which is reinforced by fiberglass
– OneShot125 ESCs, 20A continuous current, 30A instantaneous current
– 1806 – 2300KV, 3mm large-shaft motors
– Switchable FPV TX 5.8GHz, 25mW / 600mW , 40-channels with built in display
– FPV Camera 800TVL Cmos PAL / NTSC switchable
– 3K carbon fiber top plate with injection-molded plastic skirt and skid protection
– FrSky SBus receiver
– 180mm 4 inch propellers
– Convenient carrying case

Box is thin, on the front of it, we can find a photo of Shuriken, on the back an info about installed parts. We can find a weight, which is not correct. I’ve checked and right weight of this drone without battery is 320grams 🙂 .

In the box we can find black case, which I loved- it’s super thin and inside of it, we can place drone with monted props ( hell yeah ). This item is very useful, because we don’t have to buy an extra case or we don’t worry where place drone and don’t scratch the lens of camera during transport. Travelling with that case is a pleasure:D

When we open the case we can see the most amazing and great looking racing drone of plastic and carbon, that was ever made for this price. This drone is really well build. I always complain about many things but in this case , I haven’t  found any weak spot to complain about ( but I will find , I promise ヅ ). Construction was made very smart; every part is well secured, even under motors we can find extra protective plate.  We can easily find buttons to bind RC RX or change FPV channel. We can also find UART socket for FC SP Racing F3 . Shurikan’s build is composed of three, different leyers; on the top plate is carbon,  on the middle we can find plastic distancer and the bottom plate is thin PCB with extra PCB to protects tracks at the middle. I have noticed that we can land on wet grass and drone shouldn’t burn , because bottom parts seem to be ready for this ( for sure Shuriken is not waterproof drone !). FPV camera can be easily tilted up/down.

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Motors 1806 2700KV with 3mm main shaft are power hungry and can handle a lot of crashes. The best props for these motors should be 4040BN or 4045. Thrust should be around 600g on 3s battery and 700g on 4s. I like extra plastic plate under every motor, it will prevent damage of PDB board and also its addtional shield under the drone.


On the back we can find USB connectors & two FRSKY XSR antennas. On the back of top plate are XT-60 socket and LCD ,which turns on, when we will connect battery or USB cable. It will also show which band/frequency FPV TX is used. tTo change FPV bands we can push button on the right.

On the front of top plate, is button to bind RC to FrSky RX, jumpers to switch FPV TX power from 25MW to 600MW & UART socket of SP F3 flight controller.

Someone really smart has created this drone, I am really impressed.

Inside the case we can find also spare propos, cables, double tapes, extra strap, stickers, instruction and other notes.

To get inside Shurikan, we have to unscrew 8 screws. Whole frame is build from 4 parts, top carbon plate and middle plastic spacer, bottom PCB plate with electronic parts and  extra bottom pcb to protect tracks on top PCB board. Inside we can find also find a RC receiver- XSR, which is connected to main board (we can easily change RC RX by connecting other cable which is included ). HolyBro could add OSD, but this is not a problem, because we can easily mount it inside.

The weight seems to be quite low, if we compare it to qualityof build.  The weight of RTF Shuriken 180 without battery is 316grams with battery will be 416-490 g. It’s still under 500 g, so that is great score.

We can easily fit 1500mah battery, but I thinkthat the best choice will be 1300mah 4s. In the box we can find info that 3s 850mah will be good choice, but I recommend 1300mah to power hungry motors 🙂

I am really impressed of this drone, It has all useful features and looks like ” Battleship Bismarck”. I just haven’t figured out yet, how to mount Runcam on it, but I it  shouldn’t be so hard.

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