Selfly Camera Case Drone 3in1 only for 79 $ is coming

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Selfly is one of the leatest Kickstarter project and it’s a cool 3in1 extra gadget- phone case, camera and drone .

Selfly measures only 9mm (3/8in) and you can easily put it in your pocket. It’s a very clever electronic gadget- handy, universal and it’s hard to don’t like it. You always have your phone with you, so creating a drone with camera as a part of smart phone case it’s brilliant idea.

Selfly is flying stable and it’s controlled by special App for Android or iOS. Selfly case is unique to every smartphone and compatible with every 4-6 inch smartphones as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge / Galaxy 7/ Galaxy 7Edge or Nexus 6.

It’s charged by special power bank base that you can ordered extra as pledge pack for 119$. Cheaper kits of Early bird Air Selfly kits for 79$ or 89$ are sold out!

At the end we must mention that Selfy drone might be a fake or partly a fake- it’s a risk of kickstarter project. The technology of nano drones for these days not allows as to built that small drones with all mentioned in the article features. And even if, this technology would cost more than 79$. Check the project here

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