Scary Halloween Drone Review

Skull is a special edition ghost drone for Halloween. If you always wanted to prank someone in Haloween using drone, Skull drone is perfect choice and ready solution. Spooky drone time:)

Skull is godsend for your bedsheet and for you especially if don’t have “sewing” skills :)))You don’t have to waste your time to contrive how to dress up your drone to scare someone to death on Halloween. For 49$ on Gearbest you can buy ready to prank quadcopter; stable, easy to control and bloody scary 🙂

At  the first sight we can see that the box of 1031 Skull is quite big and designed in “Halloween climate”, so I couldn’t wait to open it. Don’t get me wrong 🙂 I’m not a kid anymore, but when I saw painted ghost on the box, skeleton, mysterious darkness I thought “WOW”!!!

So… I ‘ve opened it 🙂

As befitst the ghost drone, it has spooky skeleton head, painted in red as blood stains, bony hands and “tasteful” Halloween outfit. The point is that the characterization of the drone for Halloween it’s not that easy, because the components should be as light as possible, cause the less to carry is the better. In Skull  drone case the head and hands are really light- made by plastic and ghost outfit is some light piece of material. Moreover, we should fit everything in really smart way with no worries that piece of material will stuck in propeller and destroy  motors. I’ve tested Skull and I hadn’t this kind of problem.

RC is powered by six AAA batteries, so it’s power-hungry. It’s standard controller with quite impressive 200m transmission range. It’s not the high quality ever, but it’s very handy, easy to use and light 🙂 Simply good enough.

I have to mention about really great feature as USB chargring. We can easily charge Skull drone via USB. It’s really comfortable and practical solution. I have seen this for a first time and I have to admit that’s a really good idea. As you can see on the picture I used my Xiaomi power bank to charge 2s 850mah battery in Skull drone.

At the pictures below you can take a look at motors and gyro system.

Skull drone is quite big drone, especially when we compare to small racing drone as QX80.

The Skull drone is almost RTF drone , so only thing that we have to do is place the props. With Skull drone we get also 8 really crash proof propellers (I’ve tested:) But in case, we break props somehow or your fearful neighbour will steal it 🙂 we’ve got some spare ones.

On the box we can also find other needed parts, manual and cabel.

Skull drone emits green and red lights. It’s awsome feature, great loooking at night or dark scary places. During a flight, when the power of battery is getting low the lights are blinking.

So what I think about Skull and what’s my impression after a flight?

So really enjoy it 😀 It’s a great drone for everyone. Beginning drones pilots won’t be dissapointed and those more advanced with  Halloween scary mission also will have a lot of fun. Skull ghost drone is really well designed, amazing stable flying drone, capable to hover and  rotate 360 degree. It’s easy to control. You can easily “torture your victim” for even 8 minutes, cause on included 2s battery Skull drone will fly that long.

The cost of your prank won’t be that painful for your wallet , cause the 1031 Skull drone costs 49,99$ on Gearbest promo for Halloween.

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