Russian Military Drone Squad

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The reconnaissance multicopter Rostec

Russian United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (Rostec) has devloped military drone squad, ready to perform reconnaissance and  tasks, monitor the battlefield and eliminate targets.

 This versatile airborne robotic complex consists of four drones:a robotic helicopter, sentinel multicopter, reconnaissance multicopter, and anti-tank multicopter armed with rocket-powered ammunitions.

Sergey Skokov , the general director os Rostec said that the goal is to replace soldiers in combat missions in the most effective way. Drones will be used to partol and scout, transport and monitor in combat missions.

The robotic helicopter will be used to deliver the cargo to designated targets and make meteorological observations. The robotic helicopter has a big operating range and can perform video surveillance.

The robotic helicopter Rostec

The reconnaissance multicopter uses a thermal imaging device to collect video and photos in real-time mode.

The sentinel multicopter is used for verification and analysis of the situation on the battlefield and adapt artillery fire.

The assault multicopter is armed with unspecified “rocket-powered ammunitions” , ready to fire on targets.

All the drones have a GLONASS/GPS navigation systems.

The versatile airborne robotic complex was presented at the Russian Armed Forces Robotics conference at Kubinka’s Patriot military expo, west of Moscow.


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