Runcam2 , Xiaomi Yi or maybe Xiaomi Yi 2 4K? 3 great and cheap sport active cameras comaparison

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Sport action camera should be small, handy, resistant and give high quality of the video. It won’t hurt anybody’s feelings if it will be also cheap. A very important feature for sport action cameras is also a sharp and stable recording. Using sport camera we expect that we won’t see “jelly effect”, because actions cameras are created to use it while we are moving .

If you are planning to buy a sport action camera and you don’t want to spend a lot of money for go pro 4, I would like to show you that the electronics market is wide open for you and you’ve got a lot of alternative solutions even if you have less money to spend on cam. I’ve tested three actions cameras Xiaomi Yi 2 4K , Runcam 2 and Xioami Yi.

So Runcam2, Xiaomi Yi or Xiaomi Yi 2 4K?

Xiaomi Yi 2 4K

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The best and the most expensive (from these three models) is Xiaomi Yi2 4K and it costs 250 $. But it’s worth every penny 😀 The view is real, the quality is also impressive and that stabilization in comparison to other two is very noticable. And it’s 4K -for now the best recording quality!!! Xiaomi Yi2 has touchscreen, so it’s much more comfortable to use it. The timelife battery will allow the user to record in 4K quality even 2 hours. Xiaomi Yi2 4K is higher level of action cameras,so it is not fair to compare it with previous model of Xiaomi -Xiaomi Yi, because Xiaomi Yi 2 is a new generation, but it’s also a different price category, I hope everybody will realize that ;D


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The second place for me is Runcam 2 full HD. This camera costs only 99$, As you can on the movie the view is clear and sharp, but a little bit “blue”. Runcam 2 has got a WiFi built-in, so connection is very easy (just one button push). Runcam 2 has no screen, so for those who like to see on easy way what they are recording ,it might be a big con. For this price this little “orange recording box” it’s a really good choice. You can buy it here in really good price.

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Xiaomi Yi

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And at the end Xiaomi Yi . Cheap and good sport action full HD camera. A little bit less sharky, but quality in comaparison to it’s price-80$ can surprise you. The view is warm orange, so not exactly real. It has no screen and the battery could more longlife. Xiaomi Yi has WiFi to connect with Android. If you spend a little more money on the special water-resistant case you can easly record under the water. If you like to swim you should consider that 😀 The camera is also very light and colorful.


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