Runcam OWL GEPRC TX Pinky Nuclear Power Drone

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

“Pinky” is an upgrade of GB190 drone from Gearbest. It has new frame GEPRC TX Chimp and FPV camera Runcam OWL. This is not an ordinary drone for newbies . “Pinky” is a super powerful beast, which has no mercy for any mistakes. Inside we got best of the best parts than we can buy today. Why Pinky?! Well, because it was the first name in my mind when I’ve mounted a pink props πŸ˜€ (now we need to find a brain :lol:)

Donor Drone: GB190 ( Really great and cheap set )

Frame: GEPRC TX Chimp ( Uber quality frame, one of the best one the market ) More info here

ESCs: DYS XS30A ( Best of the Best, can handle 6s battery and BLheli_S make it work perfect )

Motors: Emax RS2205 2300kv ( Still living L.E.G.E.N.D )

FC: SP F3 6dof ( Great and cheap FC , best choice for Racing drones )


FPV Camera: Runcam OWL ( Huge FOV and Super sensitive light sensor )

FPV TX: Switchable 25-600mw ( Light, easy to use and powerful )

Props: KingKong 5040 3 blades ( Piiiiiiinky color πŸ™‚ Super efficient Β and it will also band, when you crash and motors will works longer)

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Inside frame we can fit every single part, there is really a lot of room. I was able to manage to palce and fit MINI OSD and FRsky XSR receiver inside.

RUNCAM OWL is great, but it shows true power at night time. Β So, while on other cameras you can’t see shit, on Runcam you see everything. To adjust some settings we can easily use a included pad, so it’s really good camera. If you love huge FOV then RUCAM OWL is for you.

Back leds are great . I LOVE IT :)We can control it by button, which is super handy, when we are out and one of our friend has the same color. We can just click to switch the color or make leds blink slower, faster, stay turned on or off. The next thing is that we can also control leds by FC πŸ™‚

I’ve decided to mount a battery input at the back, because is much better secured than on the other side and even if we crash then socket will be not ripped off (already testedΒ  😎 ) Of course it’s a good idea to secured it by hot glue.

My opinion

“Pinky” is a BADASS πŸ˜€ It’s super fast and looks delicious! To power up this beast, we need really good batteries like Tattu or SLS Β 4s 1300mah and at least true 45C . The thrust is not big… it’s huuuuge!!! At first throttle up I almost wet my pantsΒ  😎 This is a legit freestyle drone, which can satisfy every single grumpy personΒ  πŸ˜‰

Is it better than “Litlle Beast “?! Well hard to say… Because it’s just a bit faster, but we can mount a camera like gopro or so on. Β It also looks great and these screaming motors ….

Would I buy it again ? SURE !

This postΒ been supported byΒ . BUT I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( FPVtv is incorruptible ).

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